Yarnover between knit and knit

This is the 3rd time I’ve tried this pattern. Other 2 times I put it away and said I wasn’t ready for it yet. But I actually felt I had it this time but I do have an issue. My biggest concern was switching between 2 different colors. But I think I got this part, bringing new yarn under the old color. But at that part both colors are on the same side but when you finish the row and turn then one is on one side and one on the other so when you switch again I have to bring the yarn from the front to back but the first stitch is a yarnover so I bring the yarn between the needles and then wrap. First it’s not sitting correctly so I knit through back loop. In the picture you can see the yarnovers on either side of a central stitch. Color A side it’s very clear but color B I can’t discern this. So I must be doing something wrong. This is the first time for me to switch colors. I have up to this point used patterns and yarns that use self striping or gradations of colors. The pattern is Caron have it both ways shawl. I hope I’m making myself clear about the issue.

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That is a very good looking shawl.
Maybe this video will help with the yarn over. You’re not at the beginning of a row of course but since you’re changing colors, it’s similar to the technique shown (see especially ~1:90min).

What you’re doing sounds correct. On the RS row, bring the yarn to the back between the needles then over the right needle to the back ready to knit.

ETA: I tried this and now I see that the twist on the RS row occurs on the single stitch rib between the yarn overs. Once you twist the yarn, the second color is trapped in the rib stitch so the yarn over is more a conventional yarn over than one at the beginning of a row.

Well I have done this again, multiple times. Mine just doesn’t look like yours. The main color side when I stretch it, I can see the twist. The B side doesn’t look like that and the central rib isn’t a nice line of v’s. I’ve tried taking yarn directly over right needle for yarn over and tried bringing yarn between needle and then wrap but neither way looks like yours. Is it that and maybe the twisting of the two yarns. It just shouldn’t be as hard as I’m making it. Any suggestions

Hmm. The twist occurs at the central V. Partly this isn’t going to look so neat as you begin the shawl but will straighten out as you knit. I started with about 8sts which may make the yarn overs and central rib look better to start out. I’ll do this again and see if a photo of the back is any help.

ETA: This is the WS of the knitting. I did find that I had to give a bit of a tug to the blue yarn to make sure that the white yarn over stayed where it should and didn’t drag the blue yarn over so that it showed on the RS.

Well I think I know now why I keep putting this away for a later day. But in regards to, for example, row 3 when you get to the instruction for color B the yarn is on front side of work to move it to the back do you bring between the needles then wrap around right needle for yarn over or just drape it over right needle. I’ve done both ways but neither seems to solve the problem

Aha, my apologies. I knit my sample in stockinette (no wonder there was that line of Vs up the center rib). I’ll try in garter stitch.
When I knit row 2 I bring yarn B to the front (the side facing me not the front or RS of the shawl) in order to cross it with yarn A. The photo shows the work from the WS, row 2 just finished. Yarn B was crossed with A and is sitting ready to knit on row 3.

Here is the view of row 3 where the RS is facing and yarn B has been brought from the back to the front between the needles ready to work the yarn over. So I’m draping it over the right needle to the back to make the next knit stitch.

I might have it… said might. I can see the holes for the yarnovers. What I think is, when I come to color B in middle of row, I move the color B yarn to back then color A to left and the pick up color B to do the yarn over and thereby trapping color A. Does this sound correct? Here’s a trial run, using different colored yarn than what I am going to use. Doesn’t look very neat. The white holes are too big but when I do it for real hopefully will be better.

That sounds right. The holes may well block out to a more even size when you wash and lay this out. It’s a clever idea and shape for a shawl. Please post a photo when you finish. You’re on your way.
(Sorry for the hiccup on my part.)

No problem! I appreciate all your help. I think I’ve had a mental block regarding color changes. I have avoided like the plague. And maybe this wasn’t the smartest choice for my first endeavor, but it did say “easy” on the pattern. I guess that’s relative. But I’ll try to persevere onwards. Hopefully gets easier, but again, thank you.