HI HI HI TO ALL! Well dingy did it again,started a project before checking to see if yarn was available! Stubborn old woman, I am! I am sending all info on the label, I have already searched all I know how to. Must admit I really am not adept o this thing, but I DO : love it!! Anyhow, does anyone know…Wonder Art/Creative Needlecrafts/Perfecta 4 ply Yarn/Badger Mills/Fixier Bros./DuPont, this is all on the label & can’t find anything! I need, color 2002/dye lot 105 ? AND I PROMISE YOU & ME that I will NEVER do this again. Could have sworn I had more somewhere! ha! The Yarn Fairy must have ripped me off for someone just as stubborn as I. HA! Thanks all & Happy New Year to everyone. I am pretty old & unwell but I sure do hope I live to see our Armed Forces safe at home! GOD BLESS them all & keep them safe till then! Sincerely,Drooping Feather gmagabs@msn.com

Hi Drooping Feather–sorry I can’t help you with the exact yarn you need, but have you thought about substituting another kind if you can’t get your hands on it?