Yarn Yarn Sisterhood Needs Yarn for Chemo Caps

My knitting group that I’ve been talking about has decided to knit chemo caps for cancer patients and helmet covers for troops. We desperately need yarn.

If your stash has met it’s limit and you’re trying to stick to your yarn diet, please send the yarn our way! We’ll be posting pictures of our progress here on the forum in a blog thread.

Your help is MUCH appreciated!!!

DeniseKnits@gmail.com, contact me.


I e-mailed you.

Thanks, Ingrid!!!


Ingrid had some good questions in her e-mail. I’d like to share it with everyone.

I wanted everyone to know how sweet Ingrid is. She sent us 28 skeins of yarn!


THANK YOU Ingrid, from the bottom of our Ya Ya hearts!


I have another box that’ll go out on Tuesday–the Red Heart Sport I told you about in the Chat room. I’m actually seeing a little space around here.

Yeah, more!!!

I had space, but now it’s full of yarn. OH DARN! hehe. It’s a welcome sight, I’ll tell you. I can’t wait to cast on a chemo cap!