Yarn Winder Problem - Please Help!

I’ve bought a “brother yarn winder” on ebay and received it yesterday… but it is not working out right. :??

It’s been mounted it properly on a table, and I’ve also stood up the curly wire and let my yarn go through it… but instead of a squary ball, my yarn winds up like a donut, the best I could do is a slanty ball… is there something I have done wrong? Or is this a common problem with used yarn winder…? Anyone having the same problem? :crying: :crying:


Can you take a pic of what it looks like? Im not so familiar with the Brother model…most of us have the Royal ball winder.

Yeah… if you can take a pic, it would help greatly. But I think you might have the same winder I have. And there really shouldn’t be an issue with putting the yarn on wrong or anything. Either way you wind it, it’ll still work. When you first start winding the “ball” is pretty small, only about an inch and a half tall. As you wind the whole thing, the ball grows to about 3 inches tall.

OH! One more thing! You may want to “guide” the yarn into the curly-doo by creating a loop with your thumb & pointer fingers…I find holding the yarn slightly above & back from the curly-doo works wonders!

Yeah, what they said! And…the royal has an adjutable arm for the curly do thing and it makes it look a little different depending on where it is.

Its ADJUSTABLE?? I didnt know that!! I DID have to make sure it was “clicked” into place…

Well maybe it’s supposed to be clicked and it does click into the final position but I found moving it around helps with different yarns.

Now ladies–I want to get this right–is the proper term curly-doo or curly-do? :roflhard: I like to be correct with technical terms. :rollseyes:

I have nothing to add to this thread except. :roflhard: :roflhard:

I believe the “proper” term is curly widget…curly doo and curly do are a colloquialism of the midwest/upper midwest. :roflhard: :roflhard:

Thank you, Kemp, it kept me up all night! :roflhard:

Oh thank goodness! I thought I was the only one who thought that the proper name for it was curly doo! :roflhard:

I know I’m rather slow… but was too busy with destashing…here comes the photos…

Silver, does this winder looks like yours?

:?? Maryann

It’s not exactly like mine, but close enough. When you’re winding, are you holding the yarn to give it some tension as you’re winding? It just looks like a loosely wound ball to me, but otherwise correct.

i agree…and maybe winding too slowly? i have noticed that the ball tends to go a little wonky for me if i am cranking too slow. and if i am winding from a skein rather than a hank on my swift.

Yes, it seems to work better now. Thanks for all your kind advice.

Maryann :smiley:

so what’s the difference between a skein and a hank?

A hank is one of the longer, twisty things that requires a swift or two hands to un-do. A skein is what you see alot of at Michaels or Joanns.