Yarn winder / Ball winder recommendation?

Hello. My yarn winder from knitpicks broke. The quality didn’t hold up to all the yarn I’ve been winding and the yarn winder is only one and a half years old! Is there a ball winder anyone on here would recommend? Something that will hold up, of good quality, but not tooooo expensive? Thanks!

Welcome to KH!
Have you contacted Knit Picks about the ball winder? Even with heavy usage, I wouldn’t expect one to break after a year.
I don’t use a winder but there may be others here who can help out.

I have one from Knit Pics also, but it does not wind the larger skeins of yarn, so I went to Stanwood.com and purchased the 10 oz winder. It’s cost a lot more but it is supreme to the plastic winders, which Standwood also sells.

This was my second replacement. Not worth going through this again. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Thanks. I’ll look at Stanwood. Appreciate the reply.