Yarn while knitting?

does anyone keep their yarn in something while they are knitting to keep it from tangling and to keep it clean? i was thinking of cutting a hole in a plastic container. my mom says to get a 2 litter bottle and cut the bottom off or something… only i don’t drink soda in 2 liter bottles… so i’d have to go but on specifically for that … i guess i could. i just wanted to know what everyone else does. i saw a yarntainer somewhere but they wanted to much for them when i can just use what i have at home.

I bet you could use those gallon glass jars. A lot of people have them, and you can find them at garage sales and stuff. I personally use mine as cookie jars.

I don’t usually keep mine in anything…but in a pinch I hear a ziploc bag with a li’l hole cut in the corner works. :smiley:

Carmell, I use gallon ziplock baggies with a corner cut off. Sometimes, the skein can be hard to pull out at first, but once you work through some of it it goes fine. It keeps the cat fur and kid stuff off of the yarn, and also keeps it from tangling. Cheaper than the other alternatives I’ve seen that are made specifically for that purpose, too!! :smiley:

Baggies are our friend!

I just let mine roll around inside my knitting bag.

thats what i do. ok just wondering if there was some cute way to do it. thanks everyone!!! :happydance:

A knitting friend suggested keeping yarn/WIP in those heavier plastic (almost vinyl-like) zippered bags that new bed linens/sheets/curtains and the like come in, usually rectagularish shaped. A bit heavier duty than a ziploc.

I use a plastic bag from time to time, but not with the corner cut. Mostly I let 'er roll like KK does. The only thing I don’t get about the yarntainers or things were you pull the yarn through a grommeted hole, is when you put your work away, it’s sort of trapped… with the ball on one side and the work on the other. what if you wanna carry it with you, the container has to go with :??

I’ve seen some that are large enough to let you put the project in with it, but generally I agree. :\

I wind all of my yarn, no matter how it comes, into a ball & put it into a ziploc bag (size depending on project) and snip a hole in the corner to thread the yarn thru and the yarn stays clean, doesn’t tangle & when I need to put it away, I put the project in the bag & zip it up & it’s all clean & ready for the next time :smiley:

if it’s a small enough skein, slip it in a ziploc bag, that’s what I do. When I have the left over small skeins I keep them all in ziploc baggies. that way they don’t get tangled with each other.

While I’m knitting…eh, I don’t do anything but pull from the center of the ball…

The yarn containers that I’ve seen advertised are just plastic jars with lids that have a hole drilled in the top with a rubber grommet put in.

My sister just made me a yarn holder out of those cans that you get cheese puffs or peanuts - she just punched a hole in the plastic top, and I thread my yarn through the hole and stuck the ball in the can, closed it up.

My knittng bag has pockets on the outside I put my skein in there and then feed they yarn into my bag… no tangles and no worries when using more than one skein love the bag!! :cheering:

Do you ever get little bits o cheese on yer ball o yarn?? :?? Well I guess you can knit and have a snack too! :lol:

girl you are CRAZY! :roflhard:

Huh… I never even thought of that. I just let the 3 or 4 balls of yarn roll all over the floor. :rollseyes: It’s a good thing I don’t have a kitty. When I knit at my boyfriend’s house his cat is always eyeing the yarn. LOL. He started pawing at the end of my needles one day while knitting. It was so cuuuuute. :heart: