Yarn, weight/yardage

So I have two skeins of yarn, partially used. I have 5.8 and 7.3 oz of each ball. I want to make something that calls for a specific yardage, equal to 3 skeins. So I looked up those skeins to find the weight and added the 3 up. I am well within the weight.

Ok, I’m being wordy - my question is, am I safe using the weight? Or should I actually measure my yardage? I really don’t want to or really know the best way to measure yardage, I mean without breaking out the measuring stick. Oh, and the yarn in the pattern and what I have are both worsted weight, so it should be similar I think.

If you have the original ball band it will tell you haw may ozs and how many yds in the ball. Then just divide the number of yds from the ball band by the number of ozs from the ball band to get yds per oz. Now multiply that number times the number ozs you have (e.g. 5.8oz) and that’s approximately the number of yds you’ve got.

If you remember the yarn name, you can look it up and see how much yardage was in them originally, then figure out how many yds per oz and go from there. Not all fibers weigh the same - 2oz of cotton may only be 90 yds while 2 oz of wool or acrylic may be 120 yds or more. So you can’t compare weights unless the fibers are the same.

Another way to figure how much you have is to measure out 20 yds or so and see what that weighs. It’s usually around 5g, but again, will vary according to fiber.

Thanks to both of you for the tips. I got it now. :slight_smile: