Yarn weight doesn't make sense

I am looking through a pamphlet type book.(I taught myself knitting). In the beginning of it, it shows and explains what each yarn weight is (assuming what they use in pattern). I found a cute baby blanket. It calls for 2 strands held together of worsted weight yarn wouldn’t that be heavy for a baby? Needle size is 13 29" circular.

They give this for their types: 1. Baby fingering weight( lightest weight and fine). 2. Sport weight( about twice the thickness of baby .many fashions yarn are sport weight) 3. Worsted weight ( about twice the thickness of sport weight yarn. Most used and widely available) 4. Bulky weight or rug yarn( twice the size of worsted. Heaviest weight and thick).

I understand the way they described each category, but seems some of the patterns are using 1 higher weighted yarn than I would expect. They are all beginner patterns.

Would using 2 strands be to heavy for a baby blanket?

I wouldn’t think so considering that you are using a size 13 needle.

I am wondering if 2 strands of baby yarn wouldn’t be better? My specialty in crochet is afghans and I would never use 2 strands of worsted for a baby blanket.

Wait and see what others think but like i said you have to take in consideration the size of the needles you are using . Let’s see what others have to say, ths is just my opinion.


Does the pamphlet recommend a specific brand of yarn? They may be thinking of a light acrylic worsted weight which would be lighter than wool worsted weight.
I checked Ravelry and there are over 300 patterns for baby blankets in bulky which would be about the equivalent of 2 strands of ww.

I agree with trish54 that the needle size is going to lighten the look and weight of the blanket.


I totally misread your first comment. I do apologize. I did not see the n’t on wouldn’t. I thought it read would.
I am waiting for others reply as I am curious.

But the bigger needles would allow it to be more open in sense. Lighter in the stitches. I see it in my mind being lighter but my description isn’t what I see. I know I didnt explain it right.

It did not state brand. Just worsted weight. Did not give ply either.

Well, you might try an acrylic which is lighter weight since that’s a concern or an acrylic blend.
Also, I’ve used Cascade 128 superwash (all wool) for baby blankets and love it. Not too heavy at all and lots of colors


Do you have some extra yarn in that weight, if so you could try working a swatch and see what you think . Just a thought.

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This is one of the two blankets I knit in the Cascade 128. The pattern is a honeycomb brioche from Purl Soho. I used a US10.5 but I’m a loose knitter.

I like the way it turned out (well, I knit a second). Not too heavy. It’s probably worth it to purchase a skein of the yarn you want to use and make your own swatch. Play around with needle size.


Yes I do have plenty of worsted to try and sport. I will look in my stash to see if I have any cascade. I have yarn given me frequently.

That looks lovely.

Keep us posted!

One nice thing about projects like blankets is that they don’t have to fit like a garment so switching yarn weight is usually fine. Be aware though that it will affect size. Not a problem in some patterns as you can often resize pretty easily. More complicated patterns may be harder.

Personally I prefer nothing heavier than worsted, but there are lots of patterns.

I have done a swatch. I used red heart super saver. (Its what is in my stash). It came out soft. Bulky which is ok. I was more concerned with heaviness and stiffness. Not stiff at all. I used size 13 straight needles for the swatch. I am glad it wont be weighted and stiff so I will be buying the circular needles in the very near future. Until then I have found something else to make. I have needles and yarn😊. Will post a photo when it is completed.

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I would love to see the photo when you post it. Good luck with it!

I am so glad that the swatch came out the way you wanted it. Let us see a picture when you finish it.


I have used 2 strands of worsted weight yarn with size 13 needles to knit all types/sizes of blankets. I think using those to make a baby blanket will turn out great!!! ease let us know how it turns out!!



No, not really. I’m making some baby blankets just now that call for worsted weight double stranded on size 15 needles, they work up quickly and turn out lovely.

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Thank you. I am super excited to start my baby blanket. While I was waiting to get the circular needles. I have been working on another project. I am going to do my best not to ask questions. I will post my current project when finished and then will be doing the baby blanket. This weekend was for house remodeling. :blush:

I use double strands all the time, the needles are large enough to accomodate the double strand. I do find that some worsted weights are heavier than others, so there have been times where I’ve had to go up to a 15 needle using worsted weight doubled. If you find it too tight going up a needles size will alter the finished measurements a bit, but since its a blanket, bigger is most times better.

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