Yarn vs needle size

I have been looking for eons for just the right pattern for a pair of short rompers, sunsuit, etc for a newborn size and finally found something that I love, but there is no gauge and my question is this:

It says use size 5 needle and a sport/cotton yarn

I have this gorgeous mint green leftover from my dd’s shrug that would be perfect but it is a #3 light worsted weight. If I use 4 needles, could that work and make it the approximate size? I need expert advice here as I have no gauge to go on to test it out!


Doncha just hate when a pattern does that???

Are there any finished dimensions?


There is a quite a difference between sport and light worsted. Still, you could try swatching and see how the fabric turns out. It will probably be a bit dense (compared to what you’d get with sport), but if it seems okay to you, go for it. :wink:

Another thought: If the pattern comes in different sizes, you could try making it in a smaller size to compensate for the difference in gauge.

Nope, only one size, no dimensions, nothing. I haven’t found anything like it in books or free patterns and really want to make this because it has this adorable little matching sweater/tshirt that goes underneath it. I just decided to start knitting it and see what it looks like. The yarn doesn’t seem to be knitting up too heavy or thick and is really soft yarn. I have a standard measurment link in my knitting favorites that has newborn sizing so I am going to knit some and see how it compares. If it is too small, I will give it away and too big and they can keep it for another baby since this baby is going to be born the first part of June.

Thanks for your input ladies!!! (I did finally find the woman’s email address and emailed her so maybe she can give me a little more guidance)

If it turns out too big, give it to them anyway. It may fit in another month or two…


I received a response from her and this is a preemie outfit. I just went up a couple needles sizes to a 6 and it is coming along fine. It is soooo cute. It is knit in one piece and I have it’s little bottom done and it is so cute and tiny.