Yarn turned into tangled mess

Maybe I’m just not gifted in pulling the right strand from the middle of a skein, but halfway through a skein of Bernat’s silky soft I ended up with a HUGE mess of tangled yarn. :!!!: spent an hour trying to untangle. became more tangled :!!!: How can I have correctly pulled for half a skein and then end up with a disgusting mess of yarn? :pout: It was cheap, so I don’t want to take it back, but what the heck??? :verysad:

I’ve had that happen, too. I usually have DH help me…he’s good at untangling knots for some reason.

One thing that annoys me is when the other end of the yarn somehow comes through and you have two ends…one in your knitting and the other complicating things. I “TRY” to pull the one end out first and get it out of the way then pull the working yarn from the other end, but that doesn’t always work. Not sure there is anything we can do short of winding into balls before we start. :shrug:

This, my friend, is what I refer to as yarn vomit. I almost ALWAYS wind my yarn into balls–even if it’s supposedly a center pull skein. The ladies at the LYS look at me like I’m silly when I ask for my skeins to be wound but each time I smile politely and explain that it’s just preference. I am currently knitting from a skein that I did not wind first and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn’t backfire on me…so far so good…but knitting w/ crossed fingers is hard!! :shrug: :rofl:

Ah, Cristy, I was obviously misktaken. i thought yarn vomit was just a bit that came out when you pulled. This mess I have gotten into is more like a yarn vomit explosion :ick:
The only sad part about it is it’s for a hat that I’m making for my dh because the first one I made was way too small… :verysad: I wanted to make him one that fit because a hat was the first thing he asked for when I started to knit :waah:

I guess it depends on what kind of vomit you’re used to…I have small children…therefore–vomit is a disgusting thing! LOL! I call the little stuff yarn snot! :rofl:

Yarn projectile vomit!

I find those yarn Vomits come apart when I pull them sideways
yarn at the beginging and at the end, like the middle of the center pull Skein came out all at once as a hotdog
when I ull the sides apart it allows the loops to pull away from the loops that have inserted themselves inappropriatly
the mini skein comes apart just as a normal one should eventually
hope this makes sense
take care


This has happened to me too and it’s maddening :grrr:

I have also had yarn that has been cut or broken and then tied back together in the middle of the skein. Sometimes that little ‘bump’ that’s tied can be seen.

When I work with a ball or skein I always put the yarn in a zip lock bag and cut a hole on the bottom corner and pull the yarn through.

When I use a skein I take the end on the outside and pull it through the hole in the bottom hole of the zip lock bag. I haven’t had any tangles as of yet.

I got the idea off of this board many months ago.

This has happened to me so many times… Thank goodness I’ve been untangling vidogame cords for my brother since like forever. Such great training; if you can get rubber coated twisted-when-they-aren’t-supposed-to-be-that-twisted cords untangled with a big bulky controler on one end, and a slightly smaller plug on the other, that is tangled with six other cords, some of which are plugged in and if you take out will turn off the videogame that is being played, if you can untangle that, then you can damn-near do anything!

I suggest making a big cup of tea, coffee, or hot coco, stick in a movie and just keep at it. If you can isolate any really long bits that aren’t tangled, and keep them from getting tangled in the proccess it will help a lot to keep you from going mad.

(oh and it might have become tangled half-way through because the yarn got all bunched up on itself and then tightend when you tried to pull it out creating this mess)

OK… some of your descriptions are uh gross, lol. I called it hick-up. A bit easier. lol. I have a deal w/ a friend of mine. I had a skein really really messed up… bad…

She untangled the entire skein and wound it. I made her a scarf. It probably took about the same amount of time. I wasn’t frustrated. She has the patience to do it, and she gets a scarf, I get a quick finished project. (she likes bulky yarn W/ big needles)

So… at work if I get tangled…it usually is during pms days, and full moon days… when customers on the phone are nuts… I work in a call center

I take her my mess of tangles… She returns them fairly quick… and she gets a soda. I’ve learned my limits… This way I don’t end up like this: :!!!:

Hey girls! I am new to this site but it looked liked the one to pick to get some help. I am, by nature, a knitter of wool. I love the stuff! I have three Grandaughters I love to knit for. Unfortunately, all three Daughter-N-Law’s do not want their children in wool because they think it is scratch! They also refused to take the time to hand wash wool. Can you guys, with your experience, tell me a good brand of synthetic yarn in Sport and Worsted weight? Something that will hold up well in the washing machine & dryer? The only kind I can get here in my town is Red Heart and I absolutely detest that stuff. IT IS SCRATCHY! Can any of you give me any suggestions on brands?

LionBrand Microspun is a sport weight, comes in great colors, and is soft and shiny. I made a pair of super-comfy socks out of it. Unfortunately–it was splitting like it was its job the entire time. :grrr: It’s not wool though.

I think that Plymouth has some decent man-mades–Encore maybe it’s called?

Encore is what you need. It’s got a small amount of wool, but mostly acrylic. If I need a wash and dry something thats the yarn of choice for me. Come in many, many colors.

Micro Spun is one of my most hated yarns. It’s so splity for me.

I totally agree with you on the MicroSpun! The colors are soooo pretty though :pout:

Lion has Cottonease back in new colors. It’s similar to Microspun and not quite as difficult to work with.


I don’t know how these hold up long term, but they are good acrylics/blends.

Caron Simply Soft (there are several types and all are soft)
Red Heart SOFT (only this is good in RH IMO)
Bernat Softee Baby and chunky, Denim Style