Yarn terminology 2/60nm & 1260nm

Can anyone tell me what the above numbers/codes mean? My best guess is that they relate to yarn weight (and I THINK the yarn is very light weight - lace or even lighter) but I’m not certain. The two terms (2/60nm and 1260nm) appear to be used interchangeably. I’d be hugely grateful if anyone can tell me what these terms mean. I thought I was reasonably au fait with knitting terminology by now, but I’ve never come across this before. If it makes a difference, the yarn was described as machine knitting yarn (it was in a cone).

Please help!


This page should help - http://yarnforward.com/yarncount.html

The 2 means 2 ply and the 1260 is the yardage or meters per pound. I think…

I got an answer fromt the seller. The 1260nm was a typo for 1260m, which makes life a lot easier! the 2/60nm means it is 2ply and you get c60m per gram! (It’s REALLY light weight!).

Thanks for your help!

I think it’s a BIT more complicated than that…here’s a chart from Colourmart giving some figures.

Their explanation is as follows:

This number states how many metres of yarn will come from 1 gram weight, so for example a single ply 1/28 yarn will give 28 metres per gram whilst 2/28s will give half that (because it is twice as thick).

So I think that means you get 30m per gram on a 2/60. I think.

But the 2 indicates a 2 ply yarn, so there should be 60 m per gram. I think, not used to this terminology.