Yarn suggestions

I would like to knit a man’s sweeter and I am wondering which yarn to use. I would love to get recommendations. I am pretty new to knitting so I really don’t know much about yarn. I need something affordable, so not too expensive and not the scratchy type…


It depends of course on the weight of yarn you want to use. I like Cascade Pacific and Plymouth Encore. which are approximately worsted weight. They are wool/acrylic blends, machine washable if that’s a consideration and nice to work with.
WEBS yarn has a house yarn called Valley Yarn superwash which comes in worsted and DK (and perhaps more). It’s soft and not too expensive for wool.

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Thank you. I will check those out.

Consider the person for whom you knit. Will they throw a garment in the washer and then the dryer regardless of the fiber of the yarn or will they hand wash and dry flat if needed? There are some real bargains on yarns available but you’ll want to use yarn appropriate for the recipient.

I use Red Heart Super Saver a lot because I can get it locally at Walmart. A lot ot the RHSS yarns are much softer and nicer to work with than they used to be.

Thank you @GrumpyGramma for your reply. So, I am know for a fact that they will just throw it into the machine and dryer. I know absolutely nothing about yarn. How do I know which yarn is good for such a washing future? Is there a certain percentage of wool, and other ingredient combination that I should look for? Like maybe 40% wool and 60% acrylic? I know for sure that I do not want to go for the %100 synthetic type. It would be nice to have some wool in it

Look for superwash wool for one, and also read the yarn label. The yarn label will tell you how to clean the yarn. Here’s a chart for the symbols used. Online descriptions will also tell you how to wash the yarn and often you can sort choices online by machine wash or machine wash and dry.

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Amazing! Thank you @salmonmac

BTW, I the pattern asks me to use aran yarn, Would worsted instead or any other yarn?

Aran is slightly heavier yarn than worsted weight. Best way to see if you can substitute is to try a gauge swatch with the worsted weight and see how close you come to the pattern gauge. You’ll also be able to see if you like the feel of the knit fabric. If the gauge is off, you may be able to work a smaller size to get the dimensions you want.