Yarn Suggestion - for a bikini

For our honeymoon, I had made a bikini using Berroco Suede and this pattern. It was just something fun to do, and we were going to have a hot tub in one place, so I figured, why not?! I had to crochet it, because I didn’t know how to knit at the time…well, I finished it the day before our wedding, and never had a chance to try it on, so when I went to put it on to go into the hot tub, it didn’t fit at all!! It was the silliest looking thing ever!! :doh: I’m not sure who’s bottom they fitted that thing for, but it was all warped, and there was no way to make it work.
Well, with our 1st anniversary coming up, I wanted to knit one instead, since we’re gettting a cabin in the mountains of WV with a hot tub! I found a pattern in one of the Suss Designs book, that I hope will work, but I wasn’t sure what yarn to get. I really didn’t want to go for the Berroco Suede again, it’s not the cheapest yarn and my original suit turned out worthless. I considered reusing the yarn, but the funny hot pink bathing suit has some sentimental value now.
Do you guys have any suggestions of something that might hold up? The gauge for the yarn she suggest (Suss Cotton) is 4 st and 5 1/2 rows = 1 inch on #7-9 needles.

Thanks!! :smiley:

Sorry I don’t have any suggestions, but that is a really hot looking bikini pattern!


Yeah, but let me tell you, they did not use the same pattern to make that one…it was ridiculous looking. The top wasn’t too bad, the bottom, what a mess. And my proportions are very normal, so I just didn’t understand!

I think I would look for something with some elastic in it to give it some stretch and reinforcement (especially when wet). I don’t know of any particular yarns off the top of my head with elastic (although some sock yarns do) but maybe you can find one through www.yarndex.com

Has anyone used Microspun? Would something like that work?!

Elann has a cotton elastic blend, and there’s a bikini on it’s description page: SITM Esprit. There’s also Cascade Fixation, another cotton/elastic blend.

Thanks Julie, :thumbsup: I never thought about something with elastic. I really like the Cascade Fixation colors!

Ha that’s funny… it didn’t fit! Well, maybe not in your position but
I was just looking at that bikini in Suss’s book (I met her btw a couple of weeks ago) and it is really nice. But, you know she states right upfront it’s not for going in the water, it’s for sunbathing only. Most bikinis won’t hold up in the water… I haven’t seen any that say they will. Good luck on your search, let us know if you find something that will!

I can’t believe you met her! That’s pretty neat! Well i figured hers wouldn’t hold up because it was just cotton, (all I can think about it my dishcloths when wet) which is why i wanted to try another yarn. I’m not going to be swimming laps or anything…just hanging out in the hot tub…if it fits this time. :rollseyes:

Hi Kellyjo! Yeah, she was in her new store here in New York and I actually applied for a job coz it’s so beautiful in that shop, I really want to work there. She was super nice too. Good luck on the bikini! I’m going to make some tops out of a cotton I got at Suss’s place… it’s got a gold thread running with it and I think it’ll make a great bikini top just to wear with shorts or whatever.


I tried it, but the dang thing kept falling off everytime I walked. I crocheted it last year…I would definitely go with something that has elastic in it and a pattern you can tie at the hips. Like Cascade Fixation


thats the yarn most bikini patterns request for if you actually want to use it in water. I think mine may have been meant for sun bathing…I dont know how the model ever got it to stay on…but then maybe she just stood there and didnt move. Because that was easy for me to do.

Hi again! Come to think of it, I have a bikini top (lost the bottom somewhere???) that I bought years ago and it’s still in great shape and I wore it in the water. Basically, it’s just really really tight knit, uh more like string than cotton. This probably won’t help but I just remembered that top and how much I love it. It’s sand coloured, I’ll have to check it out, I think it’s more string than yarn.

I really like the Cascade Fixation colors, so I’ll check out my LYS and see if they have any, so I can see what it feels like, and see if they would recommend that. I just got a gift certificate there, perfect timing!! Thanks for all of your help!!
Victoise, good luck getting a position in Suss’ shop!!

I just bought Cascade Fixation for a bikini for my 6yo. My LYS highly recommends it. The owner made her 23yo daughter a bikini out of it, and she was really happy with it.

As a rule, I hate Microspun. It doesn’t have any give in it, I wouldn’t use it for a swimmy.

Thanks for the advise Sara!

Microspun won’t work for bikini… if i am not wrong you want something stretchy as alot of fellow knitters here have suggested… all 100% cotton yarn is not a good choice too… i remember this magazine i read about this lady who Crochet/Knit swimsuit for hollywood stars mentioned something about stretchy and nylon yarn…something that is light in weight and stretchy would make a good swimsuit… so it won’t expand in water… cotton will kind of expand when it touches water… i think you might want to make slightly smaller if you use the stretchy yarn so that once you go into the water it will cling to your body… that’s all i can share … good luck

ummm, so this is for your wedding anniversary trip and a fun evening in the hot tub??? Does it really matter if the thing will stay on???
I’m just saying… :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: