Yarn substitutions for cotton sweater

I’ve found a pattern I’d like to make for a summer sweater/vest. It calls for sport weight cotton, but I know cotton can get pretty heavy and this sweater is pretty long.

Does anyone have any suggestions for any different yarns?

:shrug: Helen

If you’re not opposed to acrylics, the new Red Heart “Soft Yarn” pretty light. And it’s actually quite soft. :wink:

Sport weight is pretty thin, so might not get all that heavy.


I agree with Sue.
I use sport-weight cotton for summer tops and there’s no problem with weight. Especially with a sleeveless vest-type pattern, it shouldn’t be a problem.

If you want to try something else, think about sportweight linen. Euroflax is great – not cheap, though. It feels a bit stiff while you’re knitting, but but after one or two washings it becomes incredibly soft and cool against the skin. There are less expensive blends of linen-cotton, linen-acrylic, cotton-silk, etc., and many yarns made with viscose (a kind of rayon) is good for summer. I haven’t tried bamboo yet, but it might be a possibility.

Thanks for the replies! I will check out sport weight cotton and see what I can find. I have heard that Euroflax is rough to work with and since this is a really big project, I’d like to stick to as much cotton as possible to maximize its use. That is compounded by the fact that I live in the South with high humidity and heat.

Have a good day! Helen

I have a small cone of linen/rayon blend and it feels very stiff on the cone, but unwinding and knitting with it softens it up a lot.


You might also want to consider TLC’s Cotton Plus. The look of cotton but light like acrylic, easy care, and despite sugg ndl sz, works up more like sportweight/light worsted. I just mixed some in a piece that also had Red Heart’s Soft Baby and they were very similar in gauge.