Yarn substitution?

Hi fellow knitters!

I found a great pattern using sirdar Bigga and would like to find a substitution. The gauge is 7 sts.& 11 rows-4 in.

I am hoping to find something that can be found at most lys.

:cheering: Just finished 2 scaves in “old shale pattern” :happydance: and want to keep this productive spell going!! :XX: :XX: .

:thumbsup: Thanks to this site & my lys I am I am keeping the needles moving.


Try YARNDEX. Then call your LYS first and see if they have it.

OR, take the pattern to the LYS and they will help you find a good sub if you dont want the yarn called for in the pattern.

ORRR, go to the Sirdar website…they should have a list of LYSs & websites that carry their yarns!

or As my two year says (Tanks!)

I will checkout yarndex and my lys.