Yarn Substitution

A friend of mine has requested that I make her a baby blanket. I’m letting her make most of the decisions and she has picked out this ducky blanket. I think it is adorable and I’m excited about it, but I’m not sure the Baby Boucle yarns are going to match either of the sets of colors she has picked out for her baby stuff. She likes bright colors or rich colors. The last bedding set she showed me was a jungle set that had lots of bright oranges, greens, blues, and yellows. I’d love to give her more options. Do you guys know of another yarn that will be similar?

Have you knitted with boucle before? I don’t really care for it that much ( partly b/c I knitted it to death when I started:ick:) but I :heart::heart::heart:bernat cotton tots~ they are machine washable/dryable cotton…it comes in bocoos of solids and it has some nice varigates… I really like it ~ but it is a straight yarn and not a novelty yarn (which i think may reduce the chances of it shedding in the washer/dryer ) and its available at Hobby Lobby~!
Just my opinion~:waving:

No I haven’t used it before. It looked like it wouldn’t be super fun, but I knew it is what gives the blanket that fluffy look so I might still go with it. I’ll check out the cottontots and show them to her. Thanks for the suggestion.

what about a bulky weight yarn instead (to give it the fluffy look) … HL has some nice, soft acrylic baby yarns that are super soft to the touch and they are bulky enough to give it a soft, fluffy feel,… a few of HL that come to mind are lambie pie and frosting, ( t hey are the baby bee brand )they are super soft acrylic and have a yarn wt of 5 or6 so they would be knit up in a flash… check them out and see what you think.
but… I still :heart:cotton tots~!

Thank you so much!! She absolutely loves all of the Cotton Tots berry colors. That’s what I’m going to go with.

Have you had any problems with washing? I was reading the reviews at Joanns online and some of them said that they didn’t take well to the washing. Others said that they washed fine. Is it just a lot of pilling the first time? If it is just the first wash and it holds up just fine I’d like to at least warn her so she doesn’t think she’s ruined the blanket when she washes it.

the instructions say that its machine washable/dryable but it also could be let to air dry. it also says that some colors may run and to wash some colors sepearately. I don’t know if it pills or not b/c none of my recipients have told me if it does/doesnt. I will try to find out from some of them to see what they think.I would think since it’s mostly cotton its shouldn’t pill too much (like acrlyic). I have given acrlyic scarves and have been told that theyleft fuzz all over the dryer. i dunno I think it’s a natural fiber it shouldn’t have some of these problems. plus its a baby yarn and they have to know that the yarn will be washed over and over. but its so super soft especially for cotton

PS. what colors did she choose?

Ya it sounded pretty washable to me I just wanted to ask. I guess i’m a bit worried if the colors are going to bleed because she picked a bunch of colors and the wonder white. Hopefully it will be fine.

She actually changed blankets because she wanted more of the colors (she loved them that much) She picked grapeberry, strawberry, limeberry, lemonberry, and blueberry.

She’s having TWINS!!! Guess I’ll have to buy more yarn!!!


[I]The babies are coming soon[/I]… [B]KNIT FASTER~!![/B]