Yarn Substitution

Hi! This is my first post to the forum although I’ve enjoyed reading answers to many of the questions over the last few weeks. I’ve been knitting for 40+ years ( with some time out when my kids were small).

My question: I have a pattern which was written for Paton’s Anna yarn which is appantly not made anymore. I’m looking for a good subtitute, preferrably in a wool blend, but I’ll use acrylic too. The pattern needs two shades of the same color ( like lilac & purple) and an ombre of the two colors mixed. From the gauge it appears I’ll need a bulky (#5) weight.
any suggestions would be great with info on where to get the yarn.


The requirements makes it a bit difficult to find a substitute. If you just needed a solid color, sure, but two solids and an ombre… hmmmm

Only thing I can think of is Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Bulky… pick two colors (like Grapevine and Lilac), and a blend that works with them (like Purple Club).

Or, knit with two strands of worsted (to make bulky weight). That way you could knit with two strands of purple, two strands of lavender, or a strand of each to get your ombre color. Just one suggested yarn is Lambs Pride because of the color selection. Note: If you go this route, be extra sure to check and double check your gauge! :slight_smile:

Hi there,

I had a similar problem trying to find a specific type of wool about a year ago and had great luck on Ebay. I had run out of a discontinued brand in the middle of a complicated project and miraculously found a few balls of it (with the same dye lot and everything!) from an awesome lady in Oklahoma.

I just typed in “Paton” on Ebay and a few listings of wool came up that might be useful to you.

Good luck!


Thanks, I’ll try both suggestions. It’s great to have more than just my own ideas.