Yarn substitution question


I have a pattern that uses wool laceweight yarn but it is knit with
3 strands held together throughout. Could I substitute a thicker
wool yarn that would achieve the same gauge by using only a
single strand?


Absolutely you can. If you can give us the gauge provided, maybe we can even make some suggestions for weight of yarn and needle size to try out for substitution. The important thing (well, one of them) is to get gauge. Does this happen to be a pattern on the net that we can see a pic of through a link?

Three strands of laceweight might be close to sportweight or DK. But posting the gauge will help a lot.

I’m working on a shawl (from fiddlesticksknitting) that uses 3 strands of laceweight mohair together. The 3 strands of mohair are beautiful together and the shawl is so soft and cozy, but I’ve been wondering how it would work with say a fingering weight yarn. I don’t think a DK weight would work right with this particular pattern, but a nice fingering weight cotton, for example, would give it a totally different look and feel.

Yes, you could do this with fingering or maybe sportweight. Both are thinner than DK.

The pattern is here
and the gauge is 21 sts/ 29 rows per 4" in stockinette on size
4.5mm needles. I have some wool that I can achieve the same gauge
using a size 4 mm so I assumed it would be ok. My only concern was if
the drape would be different but I thought maybe since it used wool
originally and I plan to also use wool it wouldn’t matter so much.
Thanks everyone for your help!
Libbie :slight_smile:

It depends on how stiff the fabric is with the smaller needles. You need to make a larger swatch to check that out.