Yarn substitution - need help

Hello all - this is my first post on this website - I hope someone can help me out… I have an older pattern for a basketweave baby blanket - the pattern creator used Bernat Breeze - which I cannot find on Bernat’s website (discontinued I guess). Anyway the blanket is knit on size 15 needles - with a 70 stitch cast on the blanket ends up being approx 29. Any suggestions for substitute yarn… something soft and cuddly for a baby - ideally machine washable.
Thanks in advance for your help:muah: :muah: cubadeb

Does the pattern tell you what kind of yarn to use (worsted, bulky, super bulky)? I would think with such large needles that you would be wanting bulky or super bulky.

If no yarn size is listed, you may need to buy a skein of both bulky and super bulky yarns and then do a test swatch to see how many stitches per 4 inches you get. From that, you’ll have your gauge, and then you can start looking for the perfect yarn.

Also, you might check on Ravelry.com (free to join) and see if anyone there has made this pattern and what kinds of yarn they used. You can search for it by name, and then look at the “Projects” tab to see if other people have it in their project lists.

You would need a really bulky yarn for that gauge. Bernat’s Softee Chunky might be a good substitute. It could be a little thinner, but you can use more stitches to get it the same width. You can even use a worsted weight and size 10s, you just need to add more stitches to the cast on. So use whatever yarn you’d like, adjust the needle size to what’s good for the yarn, then use more stitches.

Plymouth Encore Chunky is a nice yarn. It’s not as bulky as the Bernat Breeze (you’d probably need to cast on about 100sts for 29inches) but it’s a nice yarn and it comes in a good range of colors.

Bernat Breeze is a bulky, mostly acrylic yarn. The gauge is 9 st over 4" on size 15 needles. Any yarn that knits to Appx the same gauge would work. The wrapper will will have a 5 on it. If a yarn is not exactly the same it’s okay since it’s a blanket and not a garment. You’ll need one close though to get appx the same size blanket.