Yarn substitution ideas

Found a great pattern for a short sleeved sweater that I’d like to make.
Just checked the price on the yarn they used and it’s $$$$$. I can’t afford to spend that kind of money on a knitting project.
The yarn they used is Pearl by Lorna’s Laces. It’s 51% silk and 49% bamboo.
Any ideas on what I can substitute to get close to the feel and look of this yarn?

Have you looked on Ravelry to see if anyone else has made the same sweater in a different yarn? They may have included notes that can point you in the right direction.

Also, did you check eBay? It looks like there are some skeins of silk bamboo yarn available (I’m not sure how many skeins you need, but it might be worth a look).

Paton’s has a silk bamboo yarn, but it’s only about 100 yds per ball, and may be about $6 each, don’t know how much you need. You can find it at Joann’s, they’ve got a 25% off entire purchase coupon this weekend.

What is he name of the pattern and a link if possible?

It’s in the Spring Love of Knitting magazine. Picture is on page 45 with the pattern on the next page.
Website is loveofknitting.com
I don’t mind spending in the $20 a skein range for yarn, but $45 is a bit much for me. It does come in 220 yard skeins, but still need at least 6 and prefer 7 to be sure I don’t run out!!
The Lorna Lace is listed as a DK wt on their website, but the magazine has it listed as a 4.

I got some Patons Angora Bamboo which is 55% bamboo, 35% wool and 10% angora for a summer sweater project a few years back. I never finished it because I bought all the yarn recommended for the size and had used all of it before I got the back piece done and there were only 80 yards on a spool. You may want to take a look at KnitPicks and see if they have something commensurate and cheaper.

I wasn’t sure how much was on a spool, I haven’t bought any of this one, just knew that it was out there. The angora blend was discontinued I think, they still have the silk bamboo available though.

Yes, that’s a good idea for the OP to look at knit picks, though I don’t think they have any silk bamboo blend. She might also look at www.elann.com to see what they have.

A like Anatares’s advice…check the pattern on Raverly and check out what yarn the other knitters used. I do that all the time.

Sometimes it’s a double-edged blessing…you might stumble upon comments that exposes the faults of a particular yarn you might have used otherwise.

Sometimes you see some variegated yarns used for your intended pattern…and you can clearly identify why[B] you wouldn’t want[/B] to use it!

Below is a screen shot of the page header you’ll see when you click on PROJECTS for your particular pattern. See the tab called YARN IDEAS? That’s a good resource. And if you click it, the next page will tell you all the yarns the other knitters used, and how many times knitters used a particular yarn. For example, Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool was used by 7 knitters. It is not an expensive yarn. And you can look at their results! No doubt, it’s just as nice at the yarn that would have cost $150.

Anyway, just sayin…

Thanks to all who have replied to the original post.

I wasn’t able to find anyone on Ravelry who has posted anything about this sweater.
I really think the magazine is too new for anyone to have one done.
Thinking of maybe using Sublime yarn??? That’s the closest I can come to the Lorna’s Laces.
I did find one comment on the magazine’s website where someone else wants to do the sweater but was balking as well at the yarn price.
I don’t mind spending money on good yarn, but over $300 for a short sleeved sweater that I’m making myself is a bit out of my price range!!