Yarn Substitution for Tempting Pattern

I want to make the Tempting pattern from Knitty during the second round of the sweater KAL. I was hoping to substitute the Debbie Bliss yarn for something a little more affordable. I saw the thread on the LB Kool Wool on sale (well, they are practically giving it away) and thought that might be suitable, but I don’t know. I’d love to take advantage of that sale! Thoughts?

I’m not sure what would work. I’d appreciate any suggestions! Thanks!

The Kool Wool is listed as bulky, so if you wanted to use it for tempting, you’d have to adjust the pattern. It might not be hard to do since it’s all ribbing.

You could substitute any heavy worsted or aran weight wool–even regular worsted on a slightly bigger needle.

I have no idea how the KoolWool feels, and since this is worn against the skin, that’s a consideration.

Thanks Ingrid! I think I’ll probably end up just using a heavy worsted. I’m not so confident yet on changing patterns!

The Kool Wool is actually really soft. I like it a lot and it’s what I learned to knit with. I may just get a bunch since it’s so cheap now and experiment later!

If its a yarn you like and you can get it for so cheap, you might as well. The only thing I don’t like about Smiley’s is that you have to buy $30 worth. Well, that actually has never been a problem for me :oops: but I know it’s a bummer for some.