Yarn subs for ugg baby booties... and, some buyer's remorse

I ordered the yarn needed for the Baby Ugg Booties featurd on Knitty Gritty… it was around $25 for the three balls I needed!

This is a gift for a friend I haven’t seen in a long time who is having a baby… I’m also knitting a couple of other things for them.

I have a bit of buyer’s remorse about spending that kind of money just for a pair of booties!

I’m wondering if anyone has subbed a different yarn and gotten some nice booties with this pattern? Any advice on something I could use instead?

I’m also wondering if I could just resell this yarn I bought on ebay when I get it. Will I be able to get my money back out of it?

Could you also knit a mathcing hat & mitts? Use the rest of the yarn in some other way?

That’s a good idea, there is a matching hat pattern that goes with it. But, the booties use up pretty much the whole ball of the main color, from what I can tell. :?? I would have to buy another ball of the main color in order to make it work, I think.

i think i used 1 1/2 balls for the hat and one bootie…

But i will tell you this now…the hat and bootie are WAY TOO BIG for an infant. my 3 yr old can wear the hat and the bootie won’t fit till the baby is walking. i was reall disapointed in the out come hence the one [size=6]bootie[/size]!

You wouldnt HAVE to make that particular hat…any old hat would match if you used the same yarn…

Oh, that is a bummer! I’m not sure I want to make it now, it’s a gift for someone’s new baby… I don’t mind giving a gift that will fit a 3 month old, but not a one year old.

That’s why I didn’t buy the yarn they recommended…seemed a tad high for booties even if they are precious!

I have been looking for Lion Chenille worsed weight and can’t find it. I’ve been to 2 Joanns, 3 Michaels and Tall Mouse. They have the bulky, but not worsted. It says NOT recommended for knitting although I don’t know why. I figured it was worth a try though. I may have to order it.

Just so you know I tried using Lion Suede and it’s way, WAY too bulky. I’m thinking if I make them I’ll just get some nice soft yarn in the right color and not worry about the suede. :rollseyes:

I got Lion chenille at Wal-Mart,and I’ve knitted with it and it knits just fine :smiley:

Wal-mart!! I never thought of that becaue I never go there. Thanks, I’ll give it a try!

Your welcome and it really looks like suede! :thumbsup: