Yarn subbing-DK for worsted

Can someone teach me how to calculate or guesstimate yardage when subbing different weight yarns?

I have made something using 330 yards of worsted weight yarn and would like to do the same thing now in DK weight. How much DK would I need?


Wouldn’t it depend on needle size? Are you changing that?

Yes, I would change the needle size to go with the thinner weight yarn. The pattern is a top down raglan sweater so the sizing is fairly easy to calculate based on gauge.



This might be of some help.

This link has yardage estimates for several different types of garments in several different weights of yarn. You might be able to extrapolate the DK to WW ratio they used (I don’t know whether it’s consistent throughout) and apply it to your pattern if your garment type is not already listed there.