Yarn Sub

I was looking at the pattern in the free paterns area
(this pattern: http://www.straw.com/cpy/patterns/trio-knit-bag.html )

How do I go about sub’ing the trio yarn… I don’t have trio… and really this is ofr a Knit Exchange… so don’t want to buy expensive y arn… I plan on doing it in a different type of yarn…

Is this considered a bulky weight yarn… do I just need to find some bulky yarns…

Thanks everyone

PS… The thing is I need to make a bag… big enough to hold a knitting project. this seemed the best… if anyone has other patterns… pelase share

Since its a bag and doesn’t need to fit a body, (hmm…knitted body bags?),
I would go with whatever bulky yarn you want.

well i don’t know that this is all that helpful but i do have this yarn for this exact bag. it is the next project as soon as i finish the last of the requested cell phone covers!! The yarn is basically flat and is 1/4 inch wide and i think about a centimeter thick. The label doesn’t say what the weight is and i don’t know how to figure that.

This site might help you find a substitution http://www.yarndex.com/ !

a friend made that bag in Lion Chenille Thick & Quick, in a bright lime green solid color and one of the ‘prints’ - I think it was ‘Kaleidoscope’. based on the yardage in the pattern and the yardage in one of these balls, looks like you’d need 4 total, and they’re $7.99 apiece online (probably less at Michael’s - seems Michael’s prices Lion yarn about a $1 lower than the Lion site).
it’s pretty, but I’m not sure how strong chenille is, for a bag.

:oops: color me embarassed :oops: , I just Googled this Trio yarn and it’s $7.20 on a lot of sites.
maybe the Lion is under $7 at Michael’s. still tho, that’s not much of a difference.

Trio is definitely bulky - the site says 2-2.5 sts per inch on US 11-15. I’d look for a yarn with the same gauge on US 11 needles - something you can wash.

thanks for the replies… I’ll hvae ot stop out at Michaels sometimes this week to see what I can find !! :slight_smile: