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Anybody know any acrylic yarns to take the place of Lion Brand wool ease thick and quick? I don’t use wool. Maybe something by Bernat?

Lion Brand also makes Hometown USA, which is 100% acrylic and super bulky. Bernat’s option would be the Softee Chunky. (Although, my project notes from when I used it say the wrapper lists it as bulky, not super bulky.) Deborah Norville Serenity Chunky Solids would be a similar option to the Bernat.

Bernat has Wool-up Bulky, but it is 80% acrylic and 20% wool. Otherwise I would recommend that.

The LB Hometown is a super bulky, so that might work out. Check out lionbrand.com and look under “yarns” and sort them by weight. That will give u some ideas of other yarns to try.


There are other non-wool yarns by Loops and Threads too. I’ve used and like Charisma.

I’ve used the LB Hometown and liked it. I’ve also used Knit Picks Mighty Stitch which is good for smaller projects like hats or scarves. I used it for a baby blanket and thought it that the completed blanket while nice was too heavy.

Wow, thanks for all those suggestions. I love Charisma, too, but it’s not quite bulky enough for the Sassenach Cowl I am going to attempt to make after seeing Norman’s post. I was able to download it from amazon.com for free as a digital app on my iPhone. Now let’s see if I can read it on such a tiny screen! lol

I’ve decided to go with the Lion Brand Hometown USA yarn. I didn’t realize they had a good bulky acrylic. I’ve been using Bernat Softee Chunky for alot of cowls and hats so I need a change. :grphug:

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