Yarn stores in North Conway, NH

Hello fellow knitters!!! I am going to be in the North Conway area in November and I’m trying to find a yarn store (other than Michael’s) in that area… If anyone has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!!! Thanks and happy knitting, crocheting or whatever crafting you enjoy…:grin:

Have you tried googling them? I’m from UK and I always google yarn stores in the area I am going to. The other idea if this fails, is to contact tourist information in North Conway and ask them. Good luck.

I did try Google and other than Michael’s found 1 called Knit Sisters but they don’t have a website. This forum has so many subscribers I was hoping someone in the area would catch my question and give me some feedback… But look at you… All the way from the UK and providing well appreciated assistance!!! Happy knitting…:grin:

Hi! fair enough - I’ve found some of the smaller ones in the US don’t have web sites. I often ask in the hotels where we stay too - they sometimes know the tiny ones locally. Loved North Conway - we visited there a few years ago - my American friends say I have travelled more in USA than they have!! - I’m sure there must be someone from that area on this forum - hope they see your post. x

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