Yarn Stores in Houston TX

Hey all you wonderful people! I will be in Houston in April, staying at the Houston Hobby Airport Marriott. I would like to visit yarn stores while there (Fri, Sat) possibly Sunday. I won’t have much time to get anywhere as my daughter will be competing in a dance competition. So… If there is one close by, could you please let me know. Thanks in advance!

How far from the Hobby area can you travel? I know of a few yarn stores, but the stores are all near or inside the 610 loop. There are also a few in the north part of town.

Maybe about between 5 to 15 miles away.

No, I don’t know of any yarn stores that close to the airport.
I know that there are several knitters on here that live in Houston.
Maybe they’ll read this thread and be able to help you out.
I did google “Houston yarn stores” and nothing near that area came up.

Hi dancemom,

The best I can do is give you some names and addresses, but, like cdjack, the ones I go to are all inside the Loop or in Spring. Maybe you can make it to one of them:

Yarns 2 Ewe (probably the closest one to Hobby, at about 12-14 miles away, which also has a GREAT selection–my usual shop)
518 Shepherd Drive
Houston, TX 77007

Mary Charles Yarn (Small but nice selection, not far from Yarns 2 Ewe–also about 12-14 miles away)
1710 Sunset Boulevard
Houston, Texas 77005

Nimblefingers (Needlepoint and Knitting, but small selection and farther out–25 miles or so)
12456 Memorial Dr
Houston, TX 77024

Twisted Yarns (this one is REALLY far, but great–about 35 miles away)
702 Spring Cypress Drive
Spring, TX 77373

I would recommend plugging them into Yahoo! maps and seeing if any of them are in your range. There are a few others, Merribee Needlearts, The Hen House, Upstairs Studio, and Yarntopia, but I’ve never been to them, although The Hen House, Upstairs Studio and Yarntopia are REALLY far out (Spring, La Porte and Katy, respectively), and I haven’t heard many good things about Merribee (although if someone HAS been there and disagrees, please let me know–this is just hearsay on my part).

Hope that helps!

At the top of this forum is a sticky with a United States Yarn Store map… waayyy coooool… maybe it will help??


ya’ll are soooooo great!!! Thank you guys so much. I will get those addresses and check it out, also, will check out that map Lisa H. Annarroance you are just the best! I hope I can make it to at least one of those while there. I don’t know how much time I will have yet. I will certainly let you know what happens!!! :waving:

we are supposed to get there the night before, so hopefully we can go then. Thanks again