Yarn size

I am curently living in Seoul, South Korea and they have a very different way of classifying yarn here - it is all done by millimeter! Does anybody know where I can find a conversion chart or something similar?
Thanks for your help!

:think: I did a search, but couldn’t find anything that referred to yarn in mm.

Does it give a gauge? That can point to the weight of the yarn.

I suspect you’ll have to convert the measurements yourself. Try one of these.

Here’s a ply-chart that maps ‘ply’ to type – maybe it would help you figure out the type…assuming ‘ply’ is kinda the same everywhere…

Here’s a thickness-chart-technique to figure out yarn type from thickness [I](page all the way down to the bottom).[/I] It indicates you want to count the number of ‘wraps’ in 2.5cm – and it seems to me that a wrap might just be your yarn thickness – so I think, via using some math – you would figure it out like this…

1 cm=10 mm so 2.5 cm=25 mm

What is the thickness of Bulky Yarn (5-6 “wraps”)
25mm/5 wraps = 5 mm
25mm/6 wraps = 6 mm
so Bulky Yarn would have a thickness of 5-6mm

What is the thickness of Baby 3ply (16-18 “wraps”)
25mm/16 wraps = 1.5625 mm
25mm/18 wraps = 1.3888 mm
so Bulky Yarn would have a thickness of 1.5-1.38 mm

Maybe try figuring out the rest and then go to your store and see if that kind matches the yarn.

Whew! That was trip down memory lane to basic algebra… [I]And of course here’s my disclaimer – I may not have any idea what I’m doing :teehee:[/I]

Oh, I feel for you. Everything here uses the metric system too and basically my eyes just glaze over. Instead of properly learning it, I think–okay, 120 meters is somewhat more than 120 yards…this works okay for yarn because if the pattern calls for X yards of yarn, I’ll always have more than I need in meters and generally won’t run out. :teehee: HOWEVER–this “method” doesn’t work when you are trying to estimate what temperature to use on your Celsius oven. I now have a temperature conversion chart on my refrigerator. :mrgreen:

Here’s a nice conversion calculator. You just type in the amount and it gives you different values. Hope this helps.

>:: World Wide Metric ::<

:happydance:I live in Korea too- and the only way that yarn is listed is by weight of the skeins… and that’s in grams. So, I end up buying more yarn than I think I’ll need… to have enough… ‘just in case’ of course… this wouldn’t be a problem… if I actually knitted yarn as I bought it. I’d know if I had enough or not… :smiley:

Of course, where I buy yarn almost all of it is purchased by packages of 400-500 gram packages… no, dividing the packages up. So, I figure that some day… I’ll have tons of skeins to use for gift scarves and hats. :yay:

And, there’s the language barrier to consider… sigh… however, I just buy yarn that I like and hope for the best. :knitting:

Anna-- my oven is in Celsius too. I have the conversions basically figured out… however, it is still difficult to cook in what I call my: TURBO ‘uneven heat’ KOREAN EASY BAKE OVEN… :rofl:

(it will hold a brownie pan just fine… with very little room to spare) I can use the brownie pan and one other pan… all others TOO BIG!

Thank you all - I have been knitting for quite a number of years but never anything I trully had to think about. Hence part of the dilema maybe. Knitting is apparently still pretty new to this country and some things are totally different. For example, instead of worsted weight ect., it is mm (and no familiar brand names at all), pretty much everything is done on circular needles, and the yarn here is really expensive! I once paid about 10$ for one ball of yarn. But I did find a place to get it whole sale thank goodness. The only thing I am familiar with is the grams (I’m used to the metric system)! If I get it figured out I will let you know.