Yarn similar to Rowan Cotton Glace

[color=blue]Morning everyone! :sunny: I am picking up the yarn for the Lace and Diamond Bootees. :cheering: The pattern calls for Rowan Cotton Glace. I found this on the internet but I don’t believe the shop I go to has it. Can someone suggest a similar yarn? Thanks so much! :smiley:
anne [/color]

Take a look at Knitpicks Shine

[color=blue]Hi Kelly… I really wanted to pick the yarn up this afternoon after work… Knitpicks is only available online? :thinking: or do they sell to vendors? I will most likely end up at AC Moore, Michaels, or Craftmania. [/color]

You might be able to find Plymouth Wildflower DK locally. It’s a cotton/acrylic blend.

[color=blue]Thanks Ingrid! Will note the name look for that brand, I am so anxious to start these… and will try to follow Kelly’s advice and go one step at a time! and Trust the pattern! :XX: :smiley: [/color]

Check the Yarndex! :slight_smile: Here’s a search on similar yarns which are DK weight, plied cotton.

[color=blue]Thanks Silver. I left work before reading your post and ended up buying TLC Cotton Plus… looks very similar… now if I could work out how the pattern is suppose to work (am stuck on row 1 lol) :thinking: I will be all set. Have a great weekend!
anne [/color]


I’m using light rose TLC Cotton Plus for the Aran sweater I’m working on and it’s knitting up beautifully. The only thing I’ve had to watch out for is not splitting the yarn. This yarn has a tendency to do that if you’re not paying attention, especially on cables.

Have a GREAT Knitting Weekend! :XX: :XX: :XX:



I did not get as much time as I wanted to work on the boottes this weekend… :crying: I have finished the cuff (Thank you Kelly!) and the top of the foot. Hope to complete the first bootee tonight :XX: I love the yarn… but did notice that it is easy to split as you warned. Thanks for the tip. :thumbsup: Have a happy Monday! :balloons:
southern maine[/color]