Yarn shops to visit in Atlanta?

I am going to Atlanta for a conference this week and while I have plans for Stone Mountain etc, forecast is calling for a lot of thunderstorms. Are there any great yarn stores I could visit? I will be at the Westin Peachtree, near the aquarium and Turner Field from what I am told.

Thank you :muah:

I’ve never been to Atlanta, so I can’t really help you. I would google, and see what comes up.

Check out this thread with map. It’s a helpful tool. Good luck! :thumbsup:

I thought of posting the link to that, but I couldn’t remember where it was at.

My sister lives in Atlanta, but she doesn’t know of any yarn shops downtown. She goes to Cast On Cottage, which I’ve been to also… it’s a great shop. About a 20 minute drive from where you’ll be…

Knitch is probably the closest to where you will be staying. It’s in VA Highlands area. I haven’t been yet, but I’ve heard good things and the Highlands is a fun area to eat and shop!

There are plenty of other shops, but so many of them are in the suburbs and spread apart. However, if you want a yarn crawl, I’m sure the ATL Knitters could come up with more recommendations!

I agree, Knitch is the closest, and is cool. Will you have a car? I go to Nease’s Needlework in Decatur, and they’re very nice, but don’t have a huge selection. Needle Nook, near the Emory area, has a better selection but I don’t like the atmosphere as much. I don’t know about any shops outside the perimeter. I’d say Knitch is your best bet – and welcome to Atlanta!

If you have a car you should visit both Knitch & Why Knot Knit. Knitch is in Virginia Highland, which is a little pocket neighborhood northeast of Downtown. Why Knot Knit is in Buckhead.

If you need easy directions to either feel free to PM me and I’ll send them over to you.

Oh - and while you are here and since you are in Downtown - if the group you are with wants a great place to go for cocktails - I highly reccomend Trader Vic’s. It’s in the Hilton on Peachtree - it’s a very cool themed place with super fun drink and appetizers. :slight_smile:

Enjoy your visit to Atlanta!