Yarn Sale

Went to Joann’s yesterday and they had a sale for Lion Brand Wool Ease for $1.89 per skein. Of course I couldn’t pass it up so bought serveral skeins. Then found some TLC amore’ that I loved so bought that (wasn’t on sale), then some other colors that were pretty, but I didn’t need them, then I bought some needles I didn’t have, then some cable needles because I want to learn to do cables. I couldn’t stop myself! Anyone else have this problem? I spent about $65 total, and only went in to “look”.



Going into a yarn store to ‘look’ is like going into the ocean and not getting wet!

theres no such thing as “to look” at Joanns or a LYS!!! We aregetting a bigger JoAnn’s out here sometime next year!!! :cheering: no maybe i can get my cart though an isle without knoking haft the stuff over! :rollseyes:

Lucky you!! My nearest Joann’s (about a 1/2 hr away) never has any needles or anything. I can usually find some yarn, but that’s about it. I wish the store had the ball winders so I could just go get it and use my 40% off coupon, instead of doing it online. Maybe I’ll search for a larger Joann’s in Maine…there must be one…

Where in Maine are you looking? If you don’t mind me asking?


yeah i don’t have too much trouble just looking at joanns unless i have something specific to look for. they don’t have any needles but straights and i have never used those and some yarn that just isn’t anything i like. usually when i go it is to look for fabric and that is about it…or funky buttons…so usually i have a reason for being there. kinda makes me sad cuz i would reeeeeeeally like it to be a store i could spend hours browsing in…ooooh well…lol. i have enough of those anyway! :wink:

Anne - I live in Madison and work in Skowhegan. The Joann’s I was talking about is in Waterville. Is there a larger store down your way? I can’t picture one in S. Portland, but maybe there is???

here’s a list of all the joann’s stores my company has listed in Maine. Can’t really tell how big they are but at least you will know where they are! :wink: :thumbsup:

There is one in Auburn–and in the same mall there is a Craftmania I believe. One in Westbrook (that did not impress me lol) Here in South Portland there is AC Moore, Craftmania and Michaels. I have had really good luck in AC Moore as far as yarn, but usually have to shop around for needles. There is also a really nice :cheering: Joanns in Bangor on Stillwater Ave. :thinking: [/color]

Thanks Anne and brendajos - I didn’t even think of Bangor. That’s way closer than Portland. Maybe I’ll call to see if they have the ball winder, and I can go to the mall, too!! There’s also a yarn store - Cityside (I think is the name) in Bangor that I want to check out as well.

Anne - have you been to Halcyon yarn in Bath? That is my absolute favorite yarn shop.


No I have not been there yet. I love Bath/Brunswick. Maybe on my next free Friday afternoon I might go exploring. :cheering: Is Halcyon easy to find?

Anne - check out this link to Halcyon’s site - it has the directions:

Definitely a “must see”!!!

If you ever feel like making a yarn pilgrimage, my cousin says there is a fantastic yarn store in Lexington,Mass. I think its called Wild and Wooley.