Yarn Recommendation

After years of avoiding them, I’m going to take the plunge and make myself a simple roll brim hat. I’d appreciate hearing recommendations for a worsted weight yarn that will not rip my hair out. I have dreadlocks, there is the potential for painful removal if my hair gets too friendly with the yarn in the hat - imagine how an eyebrow wax would feel. Now imagine that feeling across your entire head!

I’d like to use something smooth - in fact, I was leaning towards Karabella Aurora 8 - but I’m thinking that a wool/silk blend might be better. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

oh my, someone on this bb had a gorgeous felt hat. Hopefully they will post it again. not sure what yarn was used.

a felted hat would be a good idea since all the little holes and possibility of catching hair would be avoided. I would think though anything really soft and slippery would make the fabric less likely to “grab” your dreads.

One of my best friends has dreads and all his hats are either cotton or acrylic… he only wears hats in the winter though, most of the time he’s got a do-rag on.

I am making a hat out of Plymouth 100% Baby Alpaca. It is super soft and has a silky texture. Also might want to look at a alpaca/silk mix.


Perhaps Knitpicks’ Andean Silk?!

Thanks everyone! Since this will be my first time knitting w/DPN’s, I’m gonna try a “practice” hat with acrylic first and then move on to another yarn for the final product. I’m going to my LYS today to fondle some yarns.