Yarn Recommendation? Skirt

Hi everyone,

I am thinking of knitting a skirt (girls size 8 for my neice. I am concerned about it “sagging” in the seat as so many knits do upon use…any recommendations for the type of yarn to use to help prevent this? I am not “commited” to any particular type, and I can make this for now (summer) or as a Christmas gift (winter)- so any fiber would work. Figure, once I find the general yarn type I’ll look for the specific pattern to fit it.

Any recommendations or experiences with knitting a skirt will be appreciated! Chris

I’m not sure what yarn you should use, but I know you shouldn’t use a 100% cotton as it has no bounce and will certainly stretch out of shape easily. Maybe something with a bit of nylon would work well for you. You want the yarn to have some stretch and bounce, but not too much or the whole skirt might be a bit [I]too[/I] form fitting…

Thank you for your response Silver - those are exactly my concerns :?? I’m still new to knitting and although I am getting a handle on the “how to” the fibers choices/qualities are still a bit confusing to me :shrug: Figured I need something with some “sproing”…Chris

There are some “denim” yarns that I think are a bit more sturdy. Interweave had a skirt pattern for one and Eunny Jangposted a pic of her version…it looks nice and shapely and fitted. (It’s the second post down, Indigo Ripples)

Of course, this is a skirt for an adult…but maybe the yarn would still hold structure for a kid’s skirt? Or something with a similar fabric content?

Good luck!

Knit and Tonic just made a skirt today on her blog out of hemp and was raving about it.


I was just coming in to say this!!

Knit and Tonic (clickable link :))

Thanks for the replies & link - I’ve never tried hemp, but maybe I will take a look at it…seems to have the qualities I need :lol: