Yarn Recomendations - Baby Blanket

I know it’s been discussed ad nauseam, but I don’t knit for babies often and would like some suggestions.

I’m planning on knitting some baby items for a co-worker’s pregnant daughter, due in January. I’m thinking to do a blanket (maybe entralac, log cabin, or feather/fan), and hat/mittens. I’m pretty set on patterns, but would like yarn recomendations. Soft, washable, easy-care, soft, acrylic is ok, did I mention soft?


Caron Simply Soft is what I use, super soft, washable, acrylic.

I LOVE Bernat softee baby. I’m doing a feather and fan blanket as a side, mindless project when I need a break from my main project with it, and it’s so sweet and soft. I compared that with Caron Simply Soft side by side, and the Bernat was softer to me. I do love both yarns though, and both are so soft and nice to knit with as far as acrylic goes.

Bernat Satin (comes in worsted and sport weights) is REALLY soft. And so is Red Heart Soft yarn. Vanna’s Choice is ok, but not as soft. And also the ones already mentioned…

Worsted - Caron Simply Soft, Red Heart SOFT, Bernat Satin, Berroco Comfort.

DK-sport - Bernat Softee Baby, Bernat Satin Sport, Caron Simply Soft Baby, Red Heart SOFT baby (if it’s as soft as the worsted), Berroco Comfort DK

Now… IMHO, I would not use a worsted weight yarn for baby stuff. I made a log cabin blanket with Caron Simply Soft and it’s nice, but it’s just too thick and bulky for a baby. I also made a couple baby kimonos and they are adorable, but very thick. Maybe if you aren’t using garter stitch it would be better… :shrug:

I just made the Oh So Soft baby blanket and I used Lion Brand Baby Soft Pompadour. It is very soft and washable, which is important for anything baby!! It also has a little shimmer to it as it has a bit of a silver strand woven in.

Bernet Cottontots is a very nice wasable yarn.

I LOVE Debbie Bliss Cashmerino for “special” things.

I will vote for the Benat Softee Baby. I used the Bernat Softee Baby for two baby blankets I have knitted for friends in two different weather forums. One person has already received hers and she loved it, it arrived just in time to take it to the hospital with her. The other has to wait tunil I get paid again before I can mail it to her.

I love bernat cotton tots… I also enjoy caron simply soft and bernat baby would be my 3rd choice~

I made a baby blanket for my little one out of Bernat Bamboo. It’s bulky weight, but verrrry soft and pretty. A nice worsted wt. acrylic is RH Soft. I think it’s even softer than the Caron or Bernat already mentioned. Good luck with your decision!

Caron also has some new yarns (Spa and Country) that I found at AC Moore. I’m currently making a scarf with the Spa and it is SO soft!! I have two baby blankets to make by the end of the year and I’m considering the Spa for both of them.