Yarn Questions

Hi.:grinning:I was wondering what you guys think that some people say that cheap yarn makes terrible knitting things or crochet things like hats,etc?:disappointed_relieved: are they lying ?They say to buy expensive yarn?:pensive:
Is that true?I cant really affford expensive yarns for my crochet and knitting things that i make .

I think there’s a lot of snobbery, a lot of more dollars than sense with modern people.

Is it true? Not really. There are cheap options that make fine objects.
But I’m sure $15/25g cashmere would make something nice, just not by me.

I tried alpaca based on “ooo, alpaca”. I’m not overly impressed. I like wool so I don’t hate it but I don’t see it being super special based on that brand.

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I prrger thr less expensive yarn and have found it to be just as good as the more expensive yarns. It is like when you buy a name brand where you are paying for the brand name

Well, I can only afford the inexpensive yarns to knit baby blankets for friends and family members. And so far, no one has complained about the quality of the yarn. Everyone loves my blankets, no matter what yarn I use!!!


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Im with you

No. Crappy yarn makes terrible things. Great yarn used inappropriately makes terrible things. Price has nothing to do with it. You can find crappy and great at all price points.

There’s a lot of “depends” with figuring out what makes for a good yarn for a specific object. Outside of making sure you can afford it, the price isn’t one of the factors to consider.


Lewister i agree with you 100%

Lewister is correct. Cost has nothing to do with how well your project turns out.

I will say this…I bought some yarns at Walmart to make some crocheted Christmas trees. The red and green were both Red Heart super saver. Not the best yarn I’ve worked with, but it suits the project. The gold is Mainstays (their store brand) and it is the crappiest yarn I’ve ever worked with. It is extremely rough and has almost a sticky feel to it. It is actually painful to my fingers. And it doesn’t want to go over the styrofoam cone; it keeps catching on it. I bought it specifically for the color of gold that it is, but I don’t think I’ll ever buy it again. My sister’s cat won’t even mess with it and he really loves playing with my yarns regardless of the fiber content.


I would say it is base on the type/brand.

The worst experience I had is one of the yarn I bought from aliexpress. I bought 2 different type as below:

  1. This is the type of yarn I purchased from aliexpress, and I won’t recommend you to get this. It stated is worsted, but actually it is DK worsted. And the thickness of the yarn was very inconsistent and very frayed, and I found some foreign material in there, I think is like hay or dry grass. hehe

  2. I am still trying out this one and so far I am on the first ball and it seem ok to me. WPI of this is 16.

Recently I tried Cloudborn and Sprightly yarn too. The price seem not bad., and I prefer Cloudborn better. That is just me. :slight_smile:

There are cheaper US yarn, for under $5.00

If you knit well, and block something with the right method for the kind of yarn you used, it will look optimal, but there are a lot of yarns which have so much color and even texture, that you don’t have to knit well for the knitted piece to look good.

If you have beautiful stitches, then they yarn should show off your skill not hide it.

Some long color change yarn is great for doing Entrelac.

You don’t need the most expensive yarn to knit a sweater, especially if it is a gift and you don’t know if the person would be wise to not throw it in the washer and dryer. They might be too embarrassed to tell you it was ruined.

See how they care for the cheaper yarn before you throw your heart away on something.

If you want something special for a once in a lifetime occasion, like a wedding, spend what you can afford, it will likely be treated like the heirloom it truly is.

Some tried and true brands like Lion’s Brand started out being one of the first wools you could wash by adding acrylic. Now the amount of wool in the yarn is miniscule so you are buying acrylic and spending for wool? Look always at the content and make your choice from there.

If you are felting, you need wool. Pattons is what it always was I think and some of the Fisherman’s Wool by Lion Brand is but BE CAREFUL.

And notice the ounce, grams and yardage. They don’t put as much in the skeins as they once did so you have to buy extra skeins so be aware of that.

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Some really good inexpensive yarn is Stylecraft, Red Heart, Paint Box from Love Knitting. Mid range Lion Brand. If the yarn feels good to me and is the weight I want I am happy. I have used expensive yarn when I find a good discount and that is great. But I have wonderful projects using inexpensive yarn.

I have personally found it depends on the project. I have been knitting for over a year now and have been learning about yarns, their stretch or lack of, how well they hold up etc. I have also not been that impressed with certain alpaca yarns. My wool yarns have been wonderful. I am completing a wool Project now and it is looking lovely. I have used some inexpensive yarns for blankets and a baby sweater (crocheted projects) and they turned out just fine- especially the baby sweater , which turned out great. I would suggest doing research on yarn types of you want -

but again it depends on what you are making, personal preference and at the end of the day it’s totally up to you - have fun!

I can’t use wool at all (my hands break out and if I keep going without a dust mask and gloves I wheeze.) Use what you like and can afford, and ignore the haters. It does no good to blow a month’s yarn budget on a single skein, then find out you can’t stand to work with it.

What yarn feels like to a person is also highly variable. I’ve never felt wool that wasn’t scratchy, including several yarn-of-the-year must-have brands. The people beside me are oohing and aahing over how soft it is, and to them, it is. To some, acrylic feels awful no matter what the texture or price range.

There’s a little snobbery involved, to be sure. I found a bag of thin but pretty all-silk yarn at Goodwill, and another bag of the softest thin cotton I’d ever felt with a little bit of nylon in it. There was also a big skein of thin hand spun linen someone gave me, a leftover from her project. All three together made a really pretty grey vest with bits of pale gray and multicolor (the silk.) I wore it to a knitting group and got a five-minute lecture from the leader about how my cheap crappy acrylic projects shouldn’t be tolerated.

Im with you i cannot tolerate wool or wool blends i prefer acrylic, nylon or silk and have never had any complaints from the people that I have made sweaters and things for.

I agree that less expensive yarn doesn’t mean you will make a crappy project. I knit a lot of hats and scarves for charity. I prefer to use Caron Simply soft yarn. It’s soft, washable and durable. If I need thicker yarn, I simply use double strands.
Personally I am not a fan of wool.

Like someone mentioned above, Not everyone will treat a handmade item with care. I always include the wash instructions with special gift projects. But once you give the items away, that is out of your control.

Use what you like and yarn that feels comfortable in your hands.

I am a new knitter but I really like “I Love This Yarn” found at Hobby Lobby. It is soft and the threads don’t separate which makes it easier when you are a beginner. The price is great especially when they go on sale!

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I don’t think u should have to use expensive wool if you can’t afford it I use cheap wool and it comes out just has good x


I’m working with Cloudborn on the Tealeaf Sweater class they had on Craftsy (still working on it lol and its my first sweater so I’m takin it slow), but it’s been real nice to work with for sure. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with Yarn Bee stuff from Hobby Lobby too. I’m not a yarn snob, but man alive, I do love me some nice yarns. Our LYS went out of business sadly so I bought up a lot of their stock when I could and been holding onto some Be Sweet Bamboo watching for the perfect pattern. Still looking :frowning:

But to OP, there are plenty of cheaper yarns that are soft and nice to work with. I always enjoy squeezing the baby stuff at Walmart heh. Just made a cowl out of Yarn Bee “Fair Isle” yarn from Hobby Lobby and it was nice actually. Not pricey and its acrylic and alpaca. They have a lovely one thats got some silk in there too. Saw some nice looking things at Michaels too I just haven’t tried them myself.

Mmm…I am debating to take that class too. What do you think about it? Worth to take it?