Yarn question

I’m a very new knitter and want to make a very nice, soft baby blanket for my upcoming grandchild. Any advice on what kind of yarn I should use would be greatly appreciated.


Since anything made for a baby/child will need to be washed a lot using a washable yarn is important (at least to me). New moms don’t have time to “wash and lay flat”.

My go to yarns for babies are cotton blends. I usually use Plymouth Jeannee, Plymouth Encore or Berroco Comfort. There are lots of yarns to choose from though.

Cotton is good, there’s such a thing as superwash wool (but it’s a little more delicate.) Bernat makes some really nice acrylic blanket yarns, and even our local Wal-Mart has them. So do the big box stores like Jo-Ann and Michael’s. Check the care labels and pet some to see what you think.