Yarn question

I finally found the poncho pattern that I want to knit. It calls for a super-bulky weight yarn. The color I REALLY want to knit it with is a worsted weight yarn. Not to mention the yarn it calls for is $15 a ball (13 balls needed). If I knit with two strands of the worsted weight together, might that do the trick?

It’s definitely worth a gauge swatch. It would been good to make sure the pattern looks good with the two strands, too.

Something that I have done in the past:

Combine a sport/baby weight yarn with a worsted to add some bulk but not too much. It would add some nice interest if the lighter weight yarn was slightly darker or lighter and would be more dramatic if it was much darker or lighter.

I tried knitting it with two strands held together. It STILL didn’t equal 2 stitches/inch. Now I guess I have to find a super bulky weight yarn. Bleh. If I weren’t so picky, I wouldn’t have all these problems.

3 strands?

2 worsted and a sport/baby?

Have you tried going up a needle size with the 2 worsted strands held together?

I currently don’t have a larger needle size to try. Once I get them, I’ll give that a shot though.

It might also be a good idea to look at the pattern and see if you can adapt the gauge you’re getting to it, ie. cast on 10% more stitches or so. Most ponchos are pretty uncomplicated (especially super-bulky ones :wink: ), but there are always exceptions.

If it’s availble via a link, I’d be happy to take a look.

There’s no link to the pattern. It’s in a book, but here’s a picture of it. http://www.theyarnco.com/knit_display/292#

Judging from the photo, it looks like you could add extra stitches on either side of the cable, for the front and the back. It looks like the only tricky part is the cable.

Keep us posted on what you decide! :slight_smile: