Yarn quality for babies

I thought of knitting some baby outfits and accessories :). Personally, i like 100% wool since it is most natural. 100% cotton works for me as well. But how do babies react to 100% wool, as it can itch? Is it a bad idea for hats and gloves and socks? How about clothes?
What kind of yarn is usually used for baby knitting?

This is just me, but personally I always use acrylic. I’ve never had anyone complain that it bothered the baby (I’ve found even Red Heart Super Saver softens up very nicely after washing and I always wash and dry the items before gifting them), it tends to wear very well, and the ease of washing/drying is a huge plus IMHO. No hand washing or drying flat, etc.; and it tends to be more stain resistant than wool or cotton.
The parents I know want the easiest-care items they can get, and in my book, acrylics fit the bill nicely.

Thanks! I never thought of the washing part :aww:
Wool is a hassle to wash.

Acrylic is good for babies until you know whether or not they’re allergic to wool. There are wools out there that are not itchy, slightly more expensive, but non itchy.

Simply soft
Wendy’s peter pan yarns
Debbie Bliss her soft baby yarns
there are many if you visit somewhere other then a yarn shop you can find many!:grphug:

It depends on what you’re making, where the baby lives, and the people you’re giving it to.

Personally I prefer natural fibers for baby, so I would prefer wool or cotton over acrylic any day. For a baby in a cold winter area, wool is ideal since it keeps them warm at the same time as it breathes. Acrylics don’t breathe, which can lead to overheating. Use superwash if you’re concerned about washing. Knitpicks has some lovely soft superwash wools and they’re pretty cheap, too.

Most manmade fibers also do not absorb, so anything that might get wet, from drool, leaky diaper, spit-up, should be an absorbent fiber, which would be pretty much your natural fibers, wool, cotton, even linen. I’ve never tried corn, soy or bamboo fibers, but I’d imagine they’d be more absorbent than acrylic.

If you’re going to use a fiber like cotton, be sure you allow for shrinkage. Alternately wash it before knitting it up. It makes it a bit harder to work with, but you don’t have to worry about as much shrinkage.

And any natural fiber other than regular wool or organic cotton needs to be washed several times before being put on a baby. It takes several washes for the sizing to be removed and the yarn to get to it’s naturally soft state.

My daughter and daughter-in-law just had babies and they both said they liked the soft yarn, but not too fuzzy.
I guess the fuzz comes off and sticks all over the baby. My daugher was also concerned about the baby breathing in the fuzz! (first kid).

Another issue that I’ve read about is that acrylic items can be dangerous for items the baby will sleep in as it melts if exposed to flame, whereas wool is naturally flame retardant. Make sure that anything acrylic that you knit for the baby is only used when they child is supervised.

depending on the garment, there’s also 100% organic WW cotton out there too… bought some this past weekend at Joann’s.

The best baby gifts I ever received were a baby blanket and cardigan knit and crocheted by my aunt. :heart: Both were done in an acrylic - the blanket in Red Heart and the cardigan is unknown (but I’d guess Red Heart again.) They washed beautifully and maintained their shape. I have them stored away in a box for when my babies have their own babies sob .


I would NEVER use acrylic for any item of baby clothing. There are so many super wash soft wools and cottons out there that I really cannot see any reason to buy acrylic.
Have you ever seen what happens to most acrylic yarn when exposed to flame? It melts.

100% cotton makes a good durable item of clothing if you are concerned about washing. I also think that most handmade baby items become heirlooms, things that are handed down from baby to baby. You can’t beat wool for durability.

i use acrylic because some babies are sensitive to wool and other stuff plus its washable