Yarn : Pattern problem

My sister wants me to make her a felted bag that calls for size 13 needles, and two strands of yarn held together, totalling about 1650 yards of yarn.

This bag: http://www.knitpicks.com/Projects/Projects_Display_Yarn.aspx?itemid=50402220&yarnid=5420103

The yarn she bought, 1650 yards of it, says for gauge on the label; needle size: 1-3… :shock:

This yarn:

Evidently, I need to give her a lesson on what the info on the lables mean… An oversight on my part.

any ideas how i can make the yarn work in the pattern? She wanted a pretty big bag. The pattern above says to CO 60 sts (for the largest size) and work about 30 rows, then pick up around this rectangle and switch to circs…so the # of stitches when it’s in the round will be about…180. If I made this pattern with the really small needles, won’t the bag be really small? Is there any other option?

Thanks for your help, you are all awesome!
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well when you are felting you are generally going to use bigger needles than what the label calls for but that is too big a jump really. you can still do it by just switching down to smaller needles, but your bag is going to be smaller too. i would think you would have to go down to around a 6 or so with that weight and still wanting to felt but you would have to swatch it to see for sure. but if she wants it bigger you are probably going to need more yarn. :thinking:

Part of the thing with felting is that you need to use the large needles. It makes the knitted fabric looser than a regular knitted rabric but that’s necessary for the agitation to produce the proper felted look. You would not get good results using small needles, even though that’s what the yarn would normally be used for. Two strands of fingering weight yarn will not give you near the size of bag that two strands of worsted weight yarn would, so if you used the yarn that she has picked out, you will need a lot more of it to even make it half plausible. Is the yarn already ordered?? If not, I would really suggest trying the recommended yarn or a different one of similar weight.

if the yarn is already ordered, i see only a few options.

A: make it with smaller needles resulting in a smaller bag

B: order more yarn (the exact same stuff she just ordered) and then, instead of doubling, knit 4 strands together at the same time using the needles recommended in the pattern

c: order the yarn that it calls for.

Well, the yarn is in my possession… LOL…

She didn’t like the colors in the yarn it called for, she was looking for specific browns and pinks. WOTA weren’t pink enough.

I guess I’ll just ask her if she wants to buy more yarn or if she’ll be sasitisfied with a smaller bag. But it will probably be a lot smaller, right?

Thanks for the help!

I haven’t looked at the pattern closely, but if it’s fairly basic without increases/decreases and that kind of stuff, you could easily add more stitches to make it bigger. If I were you, I’d test out the gauge with 2 strands of the yarn on a larger than called for needle size, like brendajos suggested, maybe a size 7 or something, see what kind of gauge you get and compare it to the pattern gauge. You will want to make sure that your knitted fabric is fairly loose too, looser than you would want a normal item to be. If you’re familiar with felted projects you will know what I mean. Then you can adjust how many stitches you cast on to arrive at a finished product that’s closer to the size called for in the pattern than you would get if you simply followed the instructions with the yarn you have. It will end up too small that way. Regardless though, you will most definitely need more yarn than you have now.