Yarn Paradise?

Anybody have any experience with ordering yarn from
www.yarn-paradise.com ? It looks way too cheap to be true. Also they list prices as $9.5 not $9.50… makes me think its foreign even though the price is in dollars. Which is not necessarily bad just kinda weird. I’m thinking of ordering some angora/acrylic/wool for $9.5 (!) for 8 balls 50 g each…
$7.50 for shipping. Whadya think?:oo:

The site has testimonials that read positively. It would be good to hear feedback from someone on KH but the prices are way good! I don’t see the missing zero as a problematic really. It may simply be a space saver. I would watch that on the shopping cart however.

The company is based in Turkey.

It does look like they have some good deals. I order online all the time but buying from Turkey would make me a little nervous.


I found at the bottom of the YARN PARADISE page.

" Yarn Paradise is a merketplace of GSC Tekstil Dis Tic Ltd Sti | Istanbul / Turkey
Phone: +90 (216) 376 5373 | Fax: +90 (216) 376 5673

Yarn-Paradise.com 2007 "


[B]I also found this. It’s from Turkey.


We are the owner of the website www.yarn-paradise.com. We are located in Turkey. Let us clear your minds about the site and us. The prices are in US dollars, and the lack of zero in the prices are just a space-saver. The prices are real! and you get your orders in 2-3 days. You can also check our feedback at eBay. We are also an eBay seller under usernames yarn_paradise and yarnparadiseuk. You can also contact us at info@yarn-paradise.com if you have any other questions/concerns.

You can just try and see if that would worth

I order from them all the time-absolutely not a think to worry about!
The postage is higher than the cost of the yarn,but it is coming from turkey-and I found it gets here pretty fast,even if it is the regual mail-sometimes in about 10 days.
just pay attention to the fibre content in the yarn you select-I have made poor choices ,and some suprisingly excellent ones-the cost of the yarns does not relect the quality.
Good luck!

Yes, I have purchased yarn from them and generally it is as claimes except that as always, photos of colors my be somewhat off. My first time was a problem as they no longer had the color of one of my purchases and would not issue a credit and substituted another color but have not had that occur and have made other purchases for which I was totally happy and a friend in my group made a purchase of a mohair with sequins that I used for a scarf and was very happy so just pay attention to the yardage quoted so that you purchase enough. I have bought about $100 so far ans would not hesitate to recommend them.

I have also bought some from Yarn Paradise I also included some of the yarn I bought from them in a swap on the Knitting Paradise forum. My swap partner was on a limited budget and couldn’t get out , so shopping for yarn for her meant Red Heart or Caron at Walmart.
She was ecstatic over it. I sent 3 balls each of the two colors I bought.

This thread is over 5 yrs old. I’m guessing she may have bought the yarn by now. :lol:

Just saw this thread, thought I’d add my two cents in case anyone comes across it in the future.

Basically, worst online ordering experience ever. After spending hundreds of dollars at this yarn company (GSC Tekstil, which owns Yarn Paradise, ICE Yarns, and KUKA Yarns) in less than 6 months, they sent me the wrong item and refused to fix it. NEVER ordering from them again and I strongly recommend against anyone else ordering from them.

I recorded all the gory details, if you’re interested, on my blog.