Yarn over question

I feel dumb asking this question. I understand what a yarn over is and I ‘get’ that part.
When I go to knit the next row, I just knit the yarn over, correct? I practiced doing a swatch but didn’t know what to do with that big ol loop.:teehee:
If it adds an extra stitch, right? I’m assuming patterns do account for that?

I’m knitting a basic triangular shawl . I’m using the Diagonal Dishcloth pattern, or at least the increase part. It starts off cast on 4sts,
row2:increase in each sts front and back 8sts
row4:k4,yo,knit to the end of the row

from there to make the shawl I just keep repeating row 4 until I have the length I want.
I am using circulars ,so when I get to the end of row 4 I just knit the yo (the big loop)I take my working needle and go back to the beging of row 4 and start again with ,k4,yo ,knit to the end of row. It does increase as I go, but I only am doing one yo and that is at the start of the row 4.

It’s working ,I hope this answered your question.

Yes, it did, thanks! It just seems rather weird to knit a YO. Usually when I make them, it’s not intentional.:rofl:

Good luck with your shawl!:slight_smile:

YO’s are a decorative increase most often. They are used a lot in lace designs because they leave a hole in your knitting. You will most often knit or purl the yo in the next row.

Thanks, it worked. I’m so proud of myself:mrgreen: . Such a simple stitch, but it’s been one I have been avoiding.