Yarn over help....from a purl stitch?


This is my first post. I had no idea there were forums here! Wow. I learned to knit a year and a half ago thanks to the videos on this site. I have referred many people here.

Anyway, I’m trying to make a dishcloth that I found on knittingpatterncentral in the free pattern directory. It is the Bonbons et Calissons Dishcloth designed by S.M. Kahn.

Here is where I’m having trouble. The first row’s directions are:

Row 1 (RS): K3, P1 (YO, SSK, P5, K2Tog, YO, P1) 3 times, K3

I don’t understand how to do a Yarn over from a purl stitch. My only experience with YOs has been from a knit stitch.

Can anyone help me here?


Since the next stitch is SSK I’d guess you move the yarn to the back of the needle as if to knit and then do your YO.

So, if I just did a purl and I move the yarn to the back as if to knit and then do the yarn over, aren’t I just moving it back to where it was?

You’re still making the yarnover if you move it to the back, yo then knit. A YO is like a knit st only your right needle isn’t inserted into the st on the left needle. Though I make an exception when going from a p to k by layomg it over the needle, then do the SSK or knit. When you do the k2tog YO, p, wrap the st around after k2tog then bring to the front to purl.