Yarn over forward backward what what?

OK, I’m confused.
I’m getting ahead with my booties after completing my first pair this morning, so that I’m prepared for the several storks visiting in the next few months.

The patterns I’m using are quite old.
In this current pattern, there are yfwd, Yon, yfrn and yfon stitches. According to the glossary on this site:


aka yf - yarn forward


yarn forward and 'round needle same as yo


yarn forward and over needle same as yo


yarn over needle same as yo

They are all the same.

The booties are quite lacy so I’m expecting a few YO’s, but why does the pattern change the name of them?

Is there a slight difference between each one or are they all the same and the pattern writer forgot her coffee that day?

A yarn forward is really just putting the yarn to the front. It may result in a YO if the next stitch is a knit. YON may be used between purls since the yarn is forward, anyway.

You may see a difference as you knit in where they use the terms, but basically they ARE all YO’s. Maybe it’s a case of too much coffee, hence too much detail!

Ah - makes sense a bit now.

Although with this particular pattern, the writer was clearly just showing off as they are all either before and after a Knit stitch
:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

:hug: Thank you!