Yarn over bind off in 2f2f ribbing... vs JSSBO

Is there a yarn over bind off in 2x2 ribbing that isn’t jeny’s cult of personality? So far the yarn over bind off videos I see are for basic stockinette, not rib. But the backwards yarn overs jeny uses are really throwing me. Can the whole thing be done with normal yarn overs on both knits and purls?

This video shows a more conventional yarn over with Jeny’s bind off and maybe that’s easier to do:

Here’s a yarn over bind off that will work with ribbing (so does the above):

This is a stretchy bind off that works with 2x2 ribbing too, although not a yarn over bind off:

X, what’s 2f2f?

Thanks for the quick reply and helpful information! Will be looking at the videos in their entireties tonight and trying out the techniques. Not sure why liat’s version didnt come up in my search; should have known she’d have an example. Btw, 2f2f is what happens when my dumbphone helpfully tried to auto correct 2x2, go figure. :slight_smile: