Yarn of the Month Club

Is anyone a member of this group and can you share your thoughts on it? It looks tempting. Here is a link to their site:

For what it’s worth, I joined this last year as an effort to stop buying so much yarn. I now have a drawerful of samples. I haven’t done anything with them–it’s on my list. I still enjoy getting them, and you do get a free pattern a lot of the time and the occasional interesting article.

It didn’t help me to stop buying yarn, though. :rollseyes:

How big are the samples? I would presume that you could use them to make a multi-yarn scarf or something like that? Are they useful for anything?

well it says that it is enough for a 4x4 swatch…i swear someone had a club where you do get enough for a small project like a scarf or something but i can’t remember who or where it was. :thinking:

Well that’s dumb. What the heck? :??

They come in a small baggie–like a 2 x 2 inch. The idea is to be able to knit up a swatch with it and see if it’s a yarn you’d want to buy. There are lots that I like, but they do tend to be high-end as far as price is concerned. I thought about making a scarf or pillow with the different yarns, but that’s for somewhere in the future. The thickness of them vary quite a bit, too, so that has to come into play if you want to make something with them.

Isn’t there something like this on elann dot com? :?? lemme go check…

Ok this is what I was thinking about


Wow! Well, Elann has a much better deal… 52 samples in a year for $52.50 (about $1.01 per sample), while YarnOfTheMonth costs $7.75 per month ($93 for a year), and you only get 48 samples (almost $1.94 per sample).

I know which deal I would go for if I had the disposable income right now.

Irish Baby also has a yarn of the month program.

[url=http://www.irishbabyknits.com/}Irish Baby Knits}


Irish Baby also has a yarn of the month program.

[Irish Baby Knits


At my local yarn shop www.fancyimageyarn.com she has a yarn of the month, with a free 13th month. It’s her hand dyed yarn in DK Merino weight. And you get a full skein if you need more yarn I think they will mail out to your with no shipping if ordered by the end of the month. Check it out her yarn is so yummy and she has awesome colors.

I have a big problem with this. I mean, seriously, this is like advertising your yarns. If I like it, I might buy it, right? I wouldn’t pay to receive any other type of advertising. If they want me to buy their yarn, they ought to send me free samples! :slight_smile:

Right on! :thumbsup:

I’m not sure about the other ones, but the Yarn of the Month club first posted sends yarns from different manufacturers, so they’re not really selling samples of their own yarn.

still it’s kinda like advertising, no?

I guess it depends on whether the group that sends out the samples are getting anything from the manufacturers. :thinking:

The Yarn of the Month Club we have actually gives you a choice of colorways each month, and you get a full four ounce skein of hand dyed yarn sent to you. It’s a fun way to add pretty stuff to the stash – no advertising from other companies for us. (All of our yarns are private label.) :slight_smile:

[color=green]I belong to the Elann one and I really enjoy it (though I am envious of Ingrid’s free pattern). The thing that convinced me to buy the elann subscription (or rather, ask for it as a gift :oops: ) is that you get the entire cost of it back. For every $25 you spend, you get $2.50 off (but the $25 is not cumulative). [/color]

Our Monthly Sample Skeins Subscription includes one 5-10 yard sample skein for every yarn offered each Tuesday of every month of the year - subscribers are able to knit with and test in advance 52 yarns per year! A gift Samples Skeins Subscription costs just $52.50 USD/year ($75.00 outside of North America), and comes with 21 (30 outside of North America) electronic credit vouchers of $2.50 - each worth $2.50 USD off every $25.00 USD in future yarn purchases (no time limit). Better yet, included with each Sample Skeins Subscription is a matching complimentary Sample Snips Subscription, described above - a value of $20.00 USD!

[color=green]AND:[/color] Each time your purchases total $500.00 USD, you’ll automatically receive a $50.00 USD credit to your Elann customer account. Once you have an Elann Dollar credit on file, the next time you place an order, it will be deducted from your grand total

[color=green]I haven’t bought much in the last year, but I did the first year (yes, this is my second year). I save all the mini-skeins (unless I bought the yarn then I save the swatch with the yarn) and eventually I’ll do something with them. I like how each month’s skeins are color coded - May was spring greens and yellow, April was rosy pinks.

Yes, this is advertising, but I requested it and I enjoy it. I get the skeins and I eventually get the cost back, so they do end up being free. I’m sure that I will continue to shop with Elann for a very long time, so I’m not worried that I will lose these credits - I will get them back buying yarn I would have bought anyway. [/color] :thumbsup: