Yarn needed! Caron Wintuk Periwinkle

Can someone please help me find a skein or partial skein of caron wintuk deep periwinkle #3255 so I can finish my granddaughters sweater and booty set.
Thank You All

Lori, I have searched high and low online for that yarn and I can’t find it. It’s possible that the periwinkle color has been discontinued. Do you have a Michaels or WalMart where you live? Sorry I couldn’t find it for you but, hopefully, one of the smarter cookies here can find it for you.

Sorry, but this is a discontinued yarn. EEEK… HOPEFULLY, however, someone will have a little in their stash that they will be willing to send/sell to you. Best of luck in your endeavors in finding this yarn. That has got to be so frustrating.

Thank You for trying I am hoping someone does.:grphug:

I checked on Ravelry for you but no one has that color stashed. I also checked discontinuedbrandnameyarn.com and no luck there either. Sorry! Good luck finding it.

I’m so sorry yuo’re having trouble finding the yarn to match!

I was thinking, have you tried to maybe find a coordinating yarn to finish it instead? Just in case you can’t find the original, that is.

I hope you get it worked out!

I found this website with a caron periwinkle… not sure if it will help or not, but I thaught I’d try :slight_smile: good luck!!

Hi try this lady joyce__williams@hotmail.com she’s a dealer on Ebay and has found me lots of stuff! Cheley

not sure if this will help and I haven’t checked myself for the color you are looking for but ebay does have yarn, lots of yarn and you decide what you are willing to pay. I have been watching for some cheap mohair myself. Good Luck in your search, hope you find what you are looking for.

I am new on here and I just saw this. I have two skeins of Caron Wintuk Deep Periwinkle 3255. Let me know if you still need it.