Yarn made my eyes sparkle

I saw absolutely gorgeous yarn that caught my eye…it was already beaded, and gorgeous colors…it was called …Artyarns beaded yarn …it is quite costly…but, has anyone else seen yarn like this and lower in price. I think it was about $35. a skein.
we do not have much of a selection of yarn stores here so most likely I would have to order it.

-24, off to knit till it warms up some time soon {I hope}. :knitting:

I’ve looked a few places online, but haven’t seen it much cheaper. I say go for it though, good yarn is totally worth the sometimes extravagant prices.

I know, it’s gorgeous and I cannot afford it right now but I CAN LOOK AND DREAM!!! Somebody elso on KH has a thread talking about the same yarn. The pattern she likes is for a little girl and OMGosh, it would be so pretty. I’d love to make something out of it for my DGD, just gotta get the little sweetie to :flirt: with Graddy(granddaddy) enough so he’ll approve the purchase! She’s a tad little to be flirting(2) but hey, that’s what those gorgeous, long eyelashes are for. :teehee:

Mary, it is amazing what long eyelashes can do for a little girl.

My DGD only has to look at DH and flutter her eyelashes and he melts. She and he were talking the other day. He asked her if he and she were going to get married when she was old enough and she said yes, he said but what will we do with Gramma and she said throw her away. Turns out they are going to wait until she is 18, buy a motorcycle, throw me away, go shopping for leathers and ride off into the sunset! I told him she cant knit and doesnt know how to make socks, so he says he might change his mind…

:pout: :teehee: :flirt:

This is the little dress I thought that the beaded yarn would be lovely for. The beads appear quite tiny so it should be comfortable to wear.
Thanks for the yarn links.

How much yardage does it take? Can’t take much… Love this lil dress and she looks so comfortable in it. Mary

OK you are tempting… I have a DGD that is 3, and now I’m drooling… You guys are so enablers!

Oh Ursula, I’m gonna have to make this. The little one is here this weekend, inspiring me. Would you post the pattern link again? Mary

Here is the site…
pattern . mac and me . 085 silk summer dress
$6.00 [
Click to enlarge](javascript:popupWindow(‘http://kpixie.com/catalog/popup_image.php?pID=3660&osCsid=45de51186f2390a8b0503f152e4a8f2f’)) Nothing beats silk on bare skin. Treat your girl to the ultimate handknit item. Full of swing and she will love the little beads!

Sizes: 6 (12, 18, 24) months
Finished chest: 19.25 (20, 21.25, 22.5)"

[COLOR=#cc6600]You will need:[/COLOR]
2 (2, 3, 3) skeins Tilli Tomas [U]Salt and Pepper[/U]

needles: US 4 straight
and US 4 circular, 16" and 24" long

Okay, I bought the pattern and got 10% off! Love that! Now to save for that gorgeous salt and pepper with hot pink! Her favorite color!

Cute pattern. That will be an investment piece Mary.

You’re right and now I’m sitting here thinking…:think:

Bright, shiney fishing rod combo gleams at hubby, hubby can’t resist touching bright, shiney boytoy… hubby casts for large, imaginery striper :inlove: cloud9 :angelgrin:


:teehee: :teehee: :thumbsup:

My mouth is watering…that yarn and that dress. I have a 2 year old granddaughter…but it is soooo expensive…


DON’T Go there! :fingerwag: We will be positive, we will buy 2 less junk foods at the grocerystore, we will purge and have a successful yardsale, we will bring soup for lunch, WE WILL HAVE THAT YARN!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

I got the pattern for the little “Mac n Me” dress yesterday!!! :woohoo: It will be for my one and only DGD and I can’t wait to see her twirling around in it!

Am depositing to the coffee can and saving my dimes, nickels, and pennies…

The pattern is a fairly simple and the flounces are actually the decoration along with the silk yarn with beads. I will more than likely add some form of a lace inset either across the chest or near the bottom flounce to make this more of an heirloom for my daughter to preserve and pass onto her granddaughter.