Yarn help

I want to start building up a stash of yarn. What I really want is a wool/acrylic blend that comes in lots of nice, plain, colours.

Something that’ll be around for a while, so I can add to my stash over time and knit things with a mix of colours in the same yarn.

Does anyone know of one? I started googling, but got bored quick.

Encore Worsted http://www.yarndex.com/yarn.cfm?yarn_id=333 or Lion Brand Wool Ease http://www.yarndex.com/yarn.cfm?yarn_id=3057 would both fit your needs.

Paton’s yarns are sold in the UK and I think they have a blend that’s available there.

Thanks for showing me Yarndex.

I have come to the conclusion that I should adjust my expectations. Even the manufacturers who make large colour ranges just dont do it for me. Its like looking at a set of 12 markers when what you really want is the set of 56 !

I’ll have to build up my stash from lots of different sources I think.

Yes, no one yarn line will have all you like, you need to look at several manufacturers. And it’s probably no good us recommending yarns that are only available in the US. Hopefully someone else from the UK will be able to help you.

Well, I have a Mother-in-law in the US, so all is not lost. If companies wont send to the UK, I send to her and she ships it on !

Building up a stash can be fun. I will buy a sweater’s worth (1500 yards to be safe) of yarn I like (particularly if I find it on sale!) and put it away until I find the perfect pattern for it. I recently bought some Filatura di Crosa Tempo yarn, and I think it will end up sitting a while until I find the right pattern.

Generally stash is something that’s built up gradually, but if you want to lay in a small amount just to have…you know to fondle and look at… go for it! :lol: Yarndex is good, but the yarn sites themselves often have better color swatches. No guarantees anything will be around forever, but as long as it’s a basic like the Encore it should be around for quite awhile.

Plymouth Encore - various weights

Berroco Vintage - also comes in chunky

Universal Classic -other weights as well I think

Thanks Jan,

I like those ones. Good strong plain colours, just what a good stash needs ! Have bookmarked 'em.

I don’t know how long you’ve been knitting, but I have just a small word of warning. (Maybe it will be helpful to someone else, if it doesn’t apply to you).

When I started knitting, it seemed wise to build up a little stash so I didn’t have t run to the store every time I wanted to knit something, and because everyone seemed to have stash.

So I started buying a couple of skeins of this or that when I went to Michael’s or JoAnn (two craft stores here). I had built up quite a bit (by my standards!) and was gradually learning to knit better, and learning new techniques and all. Suddenly, I reached a point where I needed more of a certain color than I’d bought, and it wasn’t available. Or I wanted to knit a certain project, but it called for a yarn I didn’t have. So, I started looking for projects for the yarn I did have…and often couldn’t find anything appropriate.

Ultimately, I was left with a fairly hefty stash of stuff I really didn’t like any more, or a bunch of different colors, but not enough of any one color or matching colors to do a larger project. (By choosing the same line and weight, you might eliminate much of that problem!).

While I was building for the long term, in the end, I needed change long before I ran out of “stash.”

If you know what you knit, and don’t anticipate too much change, no problem stocking up on a lot of very similar yarn. But if you’re not sure what you’ll be doing in 5 years, you might want to consider quantities and variety as you go.

I agree with Lisa. It’s better to build up a stash slowly with ideas in mind than just get a bunch of yarn in random colors. It sounded like you were looking for one yarn that you could buy in many colors. I like using different yarns and different weights and so do many other knitters.

Same thing happened to a lot of us I think, Lisa. I have a whole bunch of yarn I wouldn’t use for anything other than toys or something. However, the yarn links I gave her are GOOD yarns so if she gets stuff like that it’ll help. Only problem is if you don’t get enough then somewhere down the line you want to make a sweater and use stash and you won’t have enough of one dye lot if you want it to be one color.

Getting a little bit now is okay, but don’t go crazy. :lol:

I agree - Encore Worsted is great but haven’t seen it on any UK yarn sites I have looked at. I have worked with Patons Decor, which is the same blend, 75% acrylic, 25% wool. I know you have Patons yarns over there in varieties we can’t get here and they have a wide variety, not to mention being reasonably priced. I believe Sirdar has a good range of yarns too. In fact, I love English yarns and wish they were less expensive to ship over. i.e. Rowans and Jamieson-Smith Shetland.

I know what you mean about not building a stash of stuff you wont find useful. I shall elaborate.

I’m doing hats. In different colours. So I rarely need more than 50g of anything, but quite often I’m doing a multicolour thing, so I only need a bit, like 15g I guess.

So if I can find a range that has lots of nice colours, I can buy from the one range to build up my stash, then I know that the different colours have exactly the same weight, bulk, yarn blend.
Then when I decide what kind of design to do next, I can look in my stash to choose the yarns that I want to use, rather than having to go to the LYS, which invariably then doesn’t have the right thing.
And one range will tend to have the same ‘tone’, so they go together well.

F’rinstance at the mo I’ll find I’ve got a light blue and a dark blue and a pink that go together, but the only green I’ve got is too olive or too dark.

Sometimes I find a lovely yarn on sale and buy a jumper’s worth. But I’m normally too impatient to do a whole jumper. Hats, mittens, amiguri (whatever its called) holds my attention better.

Hats are an excellent way to use up stash, too. I’m currently doing a project called 10 or 2010 and in my case I’m doing 10 hats for charity using only stash yarn. :thumbsup: