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I love this pattern, but the yarn and every substitution I can think of has been discontinued. It calls for a roving yarn, but I’ve heard they don’t hold up well, and this is a gift so I want something that will last. I’m looking for something that doesn’t shed and is jumbo…or a weight I can double to be jumbo. The pattern calls for size 70 needles, so it’s gotta be big! Any ideas?

You could try multiple strands of bulky or super bulky of any yarn. My only suggestion is to try combinations until you get close enough. I’d only use machine wash and dry yarn. I can’t imagine knitting with needles of that size. Broom handles? Baseball bats? Jousting sticks? It should be a team sport maybe. lol I just remembered this video, maybe it will help. And you’re right about roving not being a good choice for anything other than a display item that will never be touched.


Haha, right?! Maybe it’ll be a fast knit with needles that big. If a bulky yarn calls for 13 - 15 sized needles, wouldn’t that still be too small? I will watch the video and hopefully that helps! Thank you!

It’s a great looking pattern. I’ve seen 3 strands of Lion Brand Hometown on size 35 needles used to knit an afghan. Have you also considered Wool Ease Thick & Quick?


Yikes 3 strands seems like it would be too confusing for me! I will look at the Wool Ease…I thought I had seen that it is not very soft but maybe I’m confusing it with one of the many other yarns I’ve looked into.

No idea if this is too chunky? It’s acrylic tube filled with polyester which sounds washable and says its washable. Never used it so can’t recommend, but it’s chunky!

Are you looking only for machine washable?
If not drops do a jumbo called polaris, it’s hand wash

Whilst it’s hard to judge from the photos exactly how big you need the yarn (needle size means nithing to me i do t understand US sizes), an example of a cable blanket in polaris produces a nice chunky look and maybe looking at how a yarn knits up helps to choose

Thank you! 70 US is equivalent to 35 mm.

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You can combine= 2 strands worsted + one strand chunky to super bulky weight*

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I ** think** I’m going to use 2 strands of Loopy Mango Big Cotton.

I haven’t read all the replies but I have used yarnsub.com in the past with success.