Yarn Harlot In Kitchener Ontario

Okay my daughter and I are soooo excitied, as the Yarn Harlot is coming to the Kitchener -Waterloo Knitters guild on Tuesday Jan 9th at 7:30 pm. My daughter is 11 and is going to take her very first socks (in progress) on dpn, to see if Stephanie will take her picture with them.:slight_smile: Fingers crossed. I bought my daughter the knitting rules book for xmas and when I told her that she was speaking at an event near us, she flipped out…lol
If anyone is going from here, send me a PM so we can say Hi.

Laura C

That’s so sweet! I will look for your DD on Stephanie’s blog :rofl:

I’m gonna head right over and take a look at Stephanie’s blog, too! Hope to see your DD on there! What’s her name? (I have a fantasy in which I meet the Yarn Harlot, touch her sock-in-progress, and all my knitting problems go away! :teehee: )

We made it there and it was great, Although I forgot my camera. Allie was the only younger person there, I would say the youngest age other then Allie was 18 or so. It was a huge turn out, about 120 people. It was alot of fun, she spoke for about 1.5 hours and everyone laughed until we had tears in our eyes. The Ladies at the guild were amazing, one of the Ladies (unfortunatly we didn’t get a chance to be properly introduced, it was like being at a rock stars concert), grabbed Allie and guided her directly to Stephanie so she could be one of the first to get her book signed as it was well past Allies bedtime by the time the lecture ended. Stephanie was very nice in person, encouraged Allie, spoke to her for a moment, and signed her book with “Obsession is normal”. My MIL who is what Stephanie referred to as a muggle (non knitting folk) had a great time, and finally understood what the excitement was about. Needless to say Allie still woke up this morning, running around the house with her priceless signed edition of knitting rules, confessing that Iam a knitting geek just like Stephanie and that is sooo cool.

Sorry about the long winded entry. If anyone ever gets a chance to see her, make sure you go, it is so worth it, just leave early to get a seat as they also under estimate the size of her following…lol

Laura C

How fun! :cheering: I jus tchecked the blog but couldn’t find Allie in the pics… :verysad: …she was upstaged by the Mr. Washie calendar :roflhard:

Yeah, Mr.Washie ran the show. Because of the magnetude of knitters allie didn’t get a chance for a picture, it was pretty late and she was getting tired.
Here is the only picture she made it in…lol

From Left to Right is

My MIL, Me and Allie.

She was just happy to get her booked signed…lol

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: How fun for you, Allie & your MIL! What an awesome experience!

Oh Sara Jayne, I almost forgot to mention, Allie carried her first sock on dpns in her purse you made her, and she recieved a zillion compliments, including one from Stephanie McPhee, she commented that Allie must be a hardcore yarn-holic when her knitting, is carried in a knitted bag. Allie being young and a serious sort of kid mentioned, well I can tell the good stuff from the bad stuff when I loose the labels…lol

I’m glad she’s using the bag and enjoying it so much! Be sure to post pictures of her first sock when she is done - I’m sure they look amazing!!! She is such a great girl! :heart: